an extremely handsome smart caring guy who knows how to treat a girl and will always put others before himself❤️
yo everyone has a boyfriend who’s handsome and there name is rocket I need to find me a rocket
by singer girl June 14, 2019
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Another term for cigarette. Word created by spydy. Used by many.
Got any rockets in those pockets?
by Spydanator June 29, 2010
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1) Used to describe a female’s very attractive body (adj.)

2) The act of having sex. Pronounced with a pause: "Rock---It" (verb)

The first usage is derived from the second. The term "Rock-It" has long been used to describe the act of man having sex with a woman. Where the man in "rockin" the woman. The second term is used to say that a woman has a body that is worth "rocking".
1) Dan, look at Lizzy, she has a rocket body.
Meaning: Dan, look at Lizzy, she is a very attractive woman.

2) Lizzy is hot. I am telling you Dan, I just want to rocket.
Meaning: Dan, I want to have sex with Lizzy because she is hot.
by Ace Willington November 09, 2004
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An object that flies in one direction, hits something, then blows up. Always fired from rocket launcher.
*rocket flies into car*
*car blows into a million peaces*
by green poo June 25, 2009
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When you're jerking off and put your laptop screen above your dick while laying down. When you cum you make the sound of a rockets engine as it hits your screen. Replicating a rockets engine.
Mom: Son what the fuck are you doing.
Son: Mom I'm doing the rocket get out of my room!
by Bruh Moment Words January 02, 2020
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