Clemens is a kind and humorous guy who is easy to have conversations with. He is passionate about things he gets involved in, whether it is caring for his mentally challenged dog, his art projects or his family. He is intelligent and thoughtful and has a well-round insight on many important issues, which contrasts heavily with his goofy behavior and inability to use drinking straws. He likes to experiment with cooking in the evening and is willing to go to great lenghts to make an interesting dish for dinner, but eats his breakfast on the toilet. He enjoys spending his free time actively, by going on walks, visiting the trampoline house, or skinny-dipping in the pool of his elderly neighbours. He is a sexy and generous lover who isn't afraid to pass gas during sexual intercourse, because he values the comfort of himself and his partner above all else. He enjoys wholesome entertainment figures, like the Moomins or the Pope.
Clemens is so great - he made my sister a painting of her dog.
by pferd.pferdson December 12, 2020
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Clemens is someone every one knows. Hes connected with everything.
person 1: Hey guuurrrllll
person 2: who da fock are you?
person1: dont worry, I know Clemens
person 2: Ahhh shiiiiii Heyyyyyyyyyyy
by Swankyfucker October 10, 2018
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Clemens is latin for: mild, gentle, merciful
Clemens usually is the kind of tall, dark-featured exotic guy. A name that you surely don't hear very often. He's mostly very charming, quite well educated, intelligent as well as highly attractive.

He usually is a very true partner if he is in fact in a relationship, altough in most cases he stand's for being a bit of a womanizer.
Some women are even seen calling out "Clemens" when they're in bed with their boyfriends, but really would want to be in bed with Clemens.
"Jenny, oh- Jenny" ----"Oh yeah Clemens"---"What?"

One girl to another in a bar: "Mmm... I want a piece of that Clemens over there."

One guy to another: " Yeah, she was totally into me, but now she only keeps talking about this Clemens- guy and even mumbles his name at night"
by Ms.Wonderful February 6, 2010
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The kind of guy that every girl wanna have. Hot, tall, blonde and smart.
Treats you like a princess and fucks you like a whore.

Best boyfriend in the world.
Also, Clemens is the Description of a hottie.
f1: „Damn do you see this Clemens over there?“
f2: „what’s a Clemens?“
f3: „Duh are you stupid? That’s the word for hottie“
by yunlenkim March 17, 2019
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"The hot new curse word that's sweeping the nation: Clemen"
by Rhett Bojangles January 30, 2006
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Female ejaculate. The liquid which is sometimes excreted by the female vagina during orgasm.

Is generally accepted to be formed from the combination of clitoris and semen.

First appeared in episode of Family Guy, "Patriot Games", where it was described as "a new curse word which is sweeping the nation".
Oh man Rosanne covered my face in clemen last night when I was eating her out.
by Chris Wilcox January 30, 2006
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The new curse word sweeping the nation, according to Family Guy. Also, the female's "fourth hole," which is located behind the knee.
See right there, behind the knee? That's where the clemen is.
by famguy1 November 12, 2008
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