Used by Scottish adolescent female neds (coco banjinos) who believe they are clever, fashionable and good looking to describe other Scottish adolescent female neds who the aforementioned see as downright ugly, very unfashionable and completely stupid.
Beat it ya Rocket afore ah launch ye!
by Von123 October 24, 2006
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Very high-purity Cocaine. Short for "Rocket Fuel"
Come round my house, I've got some really strong Rocket tonight - let's party!
by Antera309 July 18, 2015
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A large metal dildo usually being propelled by a chemical reaction between 02 and H2 and if large enough can kill anyone in up to a 2 mile radius some times these are used to Cary nuclear warheads or even people to the pussy in question.
Guy 1: Man my girlfriends pussy is wide!

Guy 2: She probably uses a rocket.
by Memeboi4 February 05, 2018
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A device for smoking cannabis consists of a a bottle, plastic bag, sellotape
Lord cull that was a beast of a rocket i collapsed a lung.

Get e rockets filled biy.
by ganja89 September 08, 2010
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Australian slang for a cannabis smoking device similar to a bucket (or "gravity bong") this device involves a 600ml bottle or at maximum a 1.25litre bottle with a small hole cut into the bottom and a cone piece melted into the lid of the bottle. The bottle is then filled with water and the lid/cone piece screwed on top, then you hold a lighter above the cone and release your finger from the hole in the bottom, when the water flows through the hole in the bottom and drains from the bottle the air pressure pulls the cone and fills the bottle with smoke, afterwards you unscrew the lid and breathe in through the lid of the bottle.
Man, i'm off my face eh, rocked up at my mates place and they made me smoke a couple of rockets.

I love smokin rockets...they get you so stoned
by klob February 24, 2008
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A rocket is a person who is unbelievably attractive, most likely your partner or crush.
Wow have you seen that boy? He’s an absolute rocket!
by poopheadman November 26, 2019
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