2 separate rat-tails (dual rat) usually a few cms apart. usually used in a hair cut when the hair is longer at the back then on sides and front. it's genius. and copyrighted.
Look at how B.Y's durat glistens beautifully in the wind, daaamn that is fly! no wonder he pulls ridiculously large amounts of bitches.
by b.y bape April 16, 2008
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durate or "to durate" is a verb which simply means to calculate or measure the duration of an event.
I durated my computer's boot. Boottime was about 20 seconds.
by BoCIRC August 28, 2007
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Woman (or gay man) who prefers men who have more stamina in bed, often not being satisfied until an hour or more of sex has been had, and frequently chastising men who do not live up to their expectations.
"That whore is just a duration queen. I was inside of her for 25 minutes and she wasn't satisfied. She had to get her dog to finish her off."
by Dr. Soren Interrobang January 01, 2009
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Refers to the mathematical-analysis procedure that you use to determine how long it's been since two embracing people have seen each other, how fond they are of each other, how long they've known each other, etc.
The hug-duration calculator can be very useful in guessing the details of two people's overall feelings about each other. For example, if they rush headlong towards each other "at first sighting" and totally bear-hug da crap outta each other (extra points if da guy sweeps da gal up off her feet and happily whirls her around a couple of times), this indicates that they have been apart for many months or even a year or more, and so they are simply overjoyed to finally be reunited. But if they simply step swiftly forward and enfold each other in a "deeply-tight" and super-long embrace (such as a minute or more; extra points if they also tear-dampen each other's shoulders and/or treat each other to shoulder-blade scrunchiez during said extended squeeze), this indicates that they are simply extra-fond of each other, and/or they are super-grateful for each other's friendship, emotional support, and occasional kindly assistance.
by QuacksO September 30, 2018
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"If you leave your vehicle's engine running during a delay in proceeding (traffic-jam, road construction, accident-resolution, "stuck" red signal-light, etc.), you will be sitting there for many minutes, just wasting gas. The instant you turn the key off and climb out of your seat to stretch, however, THAT'S when the line of traffic will begin moving again, and thus you will have shut off your engine "for nothing", AND you will now be holding up everyone behind you while you hastily hop back into the driver's seat and re-start the engine so that you can move forward again."
I finally took da plunge and bought a second-hand Toyota Prius because I'd eventually had one too many cases of Murphy's Law of Engine-Idling Duration... the Prius automatically shuts down its power during stand-stills, and then uses its electric motor to provide instant mobility as soon as you're ready to go again.
by QuacksO October 20, 2018
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