to become intoxicated through ingesting an excess of Robitussin cough gels
Dude last night roxed. We robotized and i did some totally hot chick.
by Derek July 1, 2004
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A frequent member of the ROBOT9000 community. Typically a NEET or a failed normie. He lacks real-life social skills and communicates with other robots through posting feels and variations of an animated frog. Robots are usually miserable about being lonely and tfw no gf which can lead them to become suicidal. They are generally hostile to those they perceive to be normies and redditors invading and stealing from their community. Robots hate chad with all their being.
Why can't you normies leave us robots alone?

When threatened, robots scream REEEEEEEEEEEEE
by wojak May 28, 2015
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A socially awkward male virgin outcast who post on the 4chan board /r9k/.
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh November 14, 2020
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An old kind of dancing that resembles a robot. It remains semi-popular today.

This can take many different shapes and forms. For example, you could be the standard-lame-person-who-can't-dance and just move your arms up and down in a stiff manner while moving your head around in a robotic fashion. This method is generally frowned upon as n00bish. While this basic kind of robot dancing is lame, a good robot dancer can turn heads even today. Deft control of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, knees, feet, spine, neck, head, eyes, and mouth are required for an expert at the robot. This movement apearing like a robot can be as smooth or jittery as the music allows. Generally works best with most kinds of electronic music, but much straight beat rock and funk works just as well. BPM (tempo) ranges may vary with the dancing style.

All names of Moves and Sub Styles are made up. The moves and styles still exist, however.
Some "The Robot" Moves:
"Hydrolics" - going from stiff to limp at will.
"Liquid Robot" - jittering liquid dance that resembles a strobe light effect.
"Stutter" - moving back and forth between two positions rapidly, making the dancer look like a frozen VHS screen.

Sub-styles are:
"The Man in a Robot Suit" - danger will robinson!
"Industrial Robot" - Much meaner and stiffer.
"The Funky Robot" - It's a robot that doesn't care to look like a robot, but isn't really that great of a dancer.
"The Glitch Robot" - An excessive ammount of stuttering occurs. Enough to convince any normal person that this person is having a seisure. Really only works with glitch or stutter-edit music.
"Putty" - a style that makes the dancer appear as pliable as Silly Putty(tm). Not technically robot dancing, but requires the same full body control.
Look! Phil's doing the robot! I wish I could do that. All I can do is wave my hands around like a raver. I'm gonna go cut my wrists now. :'(
by RedWater December 13, 2004
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a style of dance where one turns and moves similar to a robot, showing no human emotions and stricly mechanical like moves.
"Get out the way son, lanky lookin white boy bout to bust out the robot!"
by Bankstee January 18, 2009
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Based on the failed pilot (now on myspace) "Gay Robot", it is similar in meaning to the term "No Homo." It can be used to note that something you're saying sounds gay, but you don't mean it in the gay sense. It can be used before or after your statement.
Also, if you fail to flag your homo sounding comment with no robot, someone can call no robot on you, just as with no homo. The phrase no robot is convenient when in a public place because it is not as offensive as saying no homo in a crowded place.
1. "Yo that dude is big, no robot."
2. "No Robot, but your man has some nice moves in the post."
3. *Friend says homo remark* - "Man, No Robot!"
by HollaBackKid May 15, 2008
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