Pizzeria frequented by young children and pedophiles.
Timmy is five and likes to eat at Chuck E. Cheese. George is thirty-five and likes to eat there too.
by Andie June 18, 2004
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A place where you go to eat pizza, be chased by a woman in a mouse suit, trample little children who smell like shit. and be trampled by little children in hanging plastic tunnels.

Person (We think):
1) A mouse in cheap clothing who molests little children in his free time.

2) A mouse who scares people older than the age of 9. (See Gary Gamza and Lexy Luton AND Lea Sanchez)
Chuck E. Cheese is the scariest mouse in the fucking world!
by The Anger Management Trio February 20, 2004
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Atrocious children themed restaurant where birthday parties are held featuring cardboard pizza, broken slime covered arcade machines and playland, creepy animitronic "band", and a disinterested teenager in a mouse suit. Formerly known as Showbiz Pizza,established by Nolan Bushnell, the dude who started Atari.
Let's go to Chuck E. Cheese's and score a few thousand tickets on the skeeball machine and get a 15 year old black & white TV.
by Lee Iacocca July 20, 2004
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an abomination that combines diarrhea-soaked pizza, disgusting kid playscape and games,a screwy rat thing that fondles you every time you turn around, and horrible horrible kids
Chuck E. Cheese should be flagged for hosting pedophiles who just love to perform pedophile pinatas on little fat fucks called kids that just love to nuzzle it up down you-know-where
by cockslap#1bitches September 8, 2014
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The worst place on Earth!! The pizza is cruddy and it tastes like cardboard with tomato sauce. While you are being pushed into germ filled tunnels by slimy children, you are being beat up by a teenager in a mouse suit. When you spent your whole night trying to find someone to fix the out of order arcade games all you recieve is a crummy little piece of plastic. By the time you get out of that place you are practically dead!! If you are going to Chuck E. Cheese make sure you bring a bucket of hand sanitizer and an oxygen mask!!!
Random Dude: Sup Man? Wanna go to Chuck E. Cheese with me tonite?

Me: No way!! I actually have a life and I don't want to be suffocating in germy tunnels while being trampled by 3 year olds!!

Random Dude: Oh okay!! Your loss!!

Me: Not really....
by Toadyyy March 23, 2010
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