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When one team camps around the spawn points and kills the other team as they spawn. Used exclusively in team-based online deathmatch gaming.
WTF? We're getting spawn raped!!!
by RedWater September 20, 2004

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1) A device that literally makes money, such as a coin press or a bill press.

2) A device or anatomical region that figuratively makes money, such as a "booty", "nice set of legs" or in rare cases a "brain." Body parts that come in pairs are generally referred to in the plural.

3) A device that indirectly makes money, such as a computer or guitar.

4) One who makes money, such as Bill Gates.
"Let's fire up the money maker. We have an order for $6 billion in 20s."

"Shake ya money maker baby!" (referring to the bottom)

"Shake ya money makers baby!" (referring to the breasts)

"Shake the money maker" (referring to the process by which a coin press is shaken to clear a jam)

"I wear a helmet to protect my money maker"

"I owe my success to my money maker... my PC!"

"I'm the money maker of the family"
by RedWater June 01, 2009

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The best, and most skilled freestyle in existence on the planet.

see for details: lolmoney.com, moneylol.com
lol money
money lol
money lol
money money money
money lol
by RedWater February 01, 2008

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Not to be confused with the casual Kazaa user, the regular IRC downloader, or the CD sharing home user, warez d00dz are part of the darkest internet subculture, alongside beasiality porn, virus d00dz, and hotornot.com. Warez d00dz usually copy the warez from their own software, breaking copy protection if need be. Warez d00dz could be found on the web (http) until the internet stock crash, after which they couldn't find any decent hosting places and took most of their work to IRC or pr0n sites.

Warez d00dz are best used and abused. Without them we would have trouble finding antiquated abandonware and obscure modern software titles, and even Kazaa needs it's sources -- most of which are on IRC. Their egos rest on how much illegal software they've accumulated and shared for all to see, so download a few files and keep the heads big, but -- heaven forbid -- don't become one!

Hang out in the related chatrooms but are not the same:
virus d00dz - Like hackers, but they write virii. Use names such as "D00M666".
drug d00dz - Functionally the same as a virus d00d, but lacks the technical skillz (i.e. programming). Writes in alternating caps or 1337 speak. Grows mushrooms in his desk drawers and deals hard to find substances like peyote. Use names such as "ShRoOmZ".
script kiddies - The AOL equivalent of the hacker community. Use names such as "linux".
1337 H4ck3rZ- jeff k - A typing dialect of the script kiddie community. Numbers are usually substituted for letters. Use names such as "Cyph0rk".
<DarkNinja> I uP LoAdEd ThE LaTeSt mIcRoSoFt oFfIcE ... iTs On mY fTp SeRvEr
<ShRoOmZ> l0g1n t3h s4m3???
<DarkNinja> YeAh
<D00M666> nice Ill put it up on the mirror server
<linux> can u dcc 2 me plz
<D00M666> shut up fag
<Cyph0rk> j00 d00dz h4v3 n3 n3\/\/ w4r3z? 3y3 m34n b51d3s t3h 0fac3.
<Cyph0rk> n31??
<D00M666> WeRe IgNoRiNg YoU
by RedWater September 20, 2004

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An old kind of dancing that resembles a robot. It remains semi-popular today.

This can take many different shapes and forms. For example, you could be the standard-lame-person-who-can't-dance and just move your arms up and down in a stiff manner while moving your head around in a robotic fashion. This method is generally frowned upon as n00bish. While this basic kind of robot dancing is lame, a good robot dancer can turn heads even today. Deft control of the wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, knees, feet, spine, neck, head, eyes, and mouth are required for an expert at the robot. This movement apearing like a robot can be as smooth or jittery as the music allows. Generally works best with most kinds of electronic music, but much straight beat rock and funk works just as well. BPM (tempo) ranges may vary with the dancing style.

All names of Moves and Sub Styles are made up. The moves and styles still exist, however.
Some "The Robot" Moves:
"Hydrolics" - going from stiff to limp at will.
"Liquid Robot" - jittering liquid dance that resembles a strobe light effect.
"Stutter" - moving back and forth between two positions rapidly, making the dancer look like a frozen VHS screen.

Sub-styles are:
"The Man in a Robot Suit" - danger will robinson!
"Industrial Robot" - Much meaner and stiffer.
"The Funky Robot" - It's a robot that doesn't care to look like a robot, but isn't really that great of a dancer.
"The Glitch Robot" - An excessive ammount of stuttering occurs. Enough to convince any normal person that this person is having a seisure. Really only works with glitch or stutter-edit music.
"Putty" - a style that makes the dancer appear as pliable as Silly Putty(tm). Not technically robot dancing, but requires the same full body control.
Look! Phil's doing the robot! I wish I could do that. All I can do is wave my hands around like a raver. I'm gonna go cut my wrists now. :'(
by RedWater December 13, 2004

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The number coming after 19 in hexadecimal.
9, A, B, C, D, E, F, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 1A
by RedWater February 24, 2009

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Fat End First - inserting the fat end of something into a bodily cavity. This is usually with the intent to cause pain. Anything with a fat end and a slender end can be used in this manner: carrots, baseball bats, and water bottles to name a few. Depending on the bodily cavity selected, this may result in difficulty in extracting the object. This acronym is generally used as a verb to describe the action of the penetration.
Joe just fef'd me with a carrot.

Go fef yourself with a baseball bat.

I just fef'd Caleb with a bowling pin.
by RedWater June 30, 2009

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