1. Fictional character from a 70's televison show.
2. My drunk roomate who has ADD but doesn't want to admit it.
damn will...your drunk ass is trying to 69 with yourself a again!
by dizzzog November 8, 2003
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A person who displays and invokes a sense of confidence and ability to handle ones self or problem. Comes across as very humble, nonjudgmental and quiet - yet very concise and logical when they do respond. Responses typically include a well placed question or short remark that when answered or acknowledged can solve or diffuse a problem. Sometimes a response, although limited, is meant to drive a conversation further so as to allow the person to solve or diffuse the problem themselves. Often confused with being cocky, arrogant, disinterested or a know-it-all. Those who think so are traditionally quick to discover, however, that this is not (quite) the case and experience an "a-ha" moment when their thoughts and reality later intertwine.
"That guy is totally Robinson!"


P1: How should I handle this idiot?

P2: I'd give you my 2 cents, but I think you should ask Robinson.


P2: Robinson, can I ask you what you think of something?

Robinson: Hey.

P2: Umm… ( Goes on with some long explanation)

Robinson: (Butts in) That's not how you should go about doing that!

P2: ( Has a long defensive explanation why they should )

Robinson: ( Stares intently into the distance but says nothing )

P2: ( Continues talking... )

Robinson: ( Finally speaks up and says ) Yeah… You shouldn't do that. You are just causing problems for yourself. Total waste of time and energy.

P2: What!? Excuse me?! This idiot is causing the problems!

Robinson: Well - I don't really care about "this idiot". Why do you care about "this idiot"?

P2: Because (blah blah blah blah)

Robinson: I still don't care and based on what you just said you shouldn't either.

P2: Yeah, ok ( in their head they think "Whatever" )


P2: ( Talks a few minutes later to P1) I talked to Robinson.

P1: And…

P2: He doesn't care - he just sat there all quiet for 20 minutes and basically said nothing.

P1: What did he say?

P2: He said I basically shouldn't care about this and that he doesn't care about "this idiot" either!

P1: Really? He said he was an idiot?

P2: Yeah.

P1: So forget about it then - you're just wasting your time on this fool.

P2: OMG! That's exactly what he said! Ah! That makes so much sense now!

P1: Ha!
by IveBeenRobinsoned February 26, 2013
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Robinson is a name that only a select few can carry. There are hundreds of conditions that must be met before one can claim Robinson as a last name. Among these are..
1. the ability to be awesome regardless of the situation
2. the ability to not give a fuck about what everyone is bitching about. In fact, a true Robinson will tell people to just shut the fuck up and to stop acting like bitches.
3. must be able to stand back and get the ladies without even trying while everyone else humiliates themselves
4. must be able to beat up frat kids two or three times their size and must also posses a zero tolerance policy towards popped collars and/or pink polos.
5. must be adored and worshiped everywhere they go, regardless of whether or not the adoring worshipers will admit it.

Robinson sightings have been confirmed on all continents, but are most commonly found in the United States, Germany and Ireland.
Person 1: Holy shit, look at how awesome that dude is! It looks like he's not even trying!
Person 2: Yeah, word around the campfire is that he's a Robinson.
Person 1: Okay, it all makes sense now.
by aqhx February 4, 2010
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ryhmind slang - robinsons fruit and barley : charlie (cocain)
i could well do with a bit of robinsons to keep me going tonight
by BobbyHall July 27, 2007
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Although usually a guy's name, it can be a girl's name too. Robinson is a tall & pretty girl who changes the lives of everyone she knows. Everyone loves Robinson, and those who don't are insane! She can be active, but she's also talented in other ways, like making jewlery and giving good advice to her friends. She always has a good story to tell. She completely trustworthy, hilarious, and downright awesome.
Robinson spends almost all her time trying to make peopke laugh.
by PurplePeopleEater August 26, 2012
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A man with an average stomach but very perky tits.
That mans Robinson convinced me he once was a women.
by Sanju baba February 27, 2020
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When you are waiting to leave for lunch and one member of the group goes to the toilet, wasting everyone's much valued lunch time.
"Wait here guys. I'm just going for a Robinson."

"I'm starving why are we still here?"
"Well, Lee is doing a Robinson."
by InhumanFuzzball June 13, 2013
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