This is a term used in the field of education, the acronym stands for; Not in Education, Employment or Training but young people have started to use it as a term for bums/layabouts with no future.
bums/losers/layabouts etc...neet
by hannahandben April 27, 2009
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(in japanese) means a shut in jobless weeb
Omg ojas is such a NEET
by reeeeeeeeeboi May 14, 2023
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Typically an adult girl, around the ages of 18-25, a NEET (Not In Training, Education, Or Employment) Are usually basement dwellers who have the messiest rooms known to mankind. They typically spend their every waking moment on their computer doing god knows what. Their rooms consist of a bed, with no stand, Simply a mattress, random clothes strewn on the floor, two or more PCs, several guns, tables with random food bowls, cans, and half finished projects on them, and a closet with a tsunami of boxes and random junk.

A NEET avoids the sunlight and outdoors at all costs. The outside world is cruel, and NEETs prefer to stay inside their rooms at all times. Showering is also very rare for a NEET, and as they never go outside, showering is rarely needed. NEETS are known to stink, but stink "good." They also typically love guns.

NEET girls are usually known to be the most based girls on the planet. They are known to have the wildest conspiracy theories you'll ever hear. Typical theories are usually of the skin walker variety, but they also might have others about the government and random rants about their favorite anime. NEET girls are usually very shy, but can come off rude if you fuck with them. NEETs are also known to hate wagecucks, so if you work a 9-5 job, BEWARE! Do not approach NEET girls unless you want your ass roasted off of you. NEETs are also known to make superior food, such as chicken nuggets, French fries, and Mac and cheese.
neet girls are fucking based.
by ellieisanapextwink December 11, 2022
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Someone who against all odds has found a way to escape the grind. They aren't owned by a boss, they aren't losing sleep over grades, and they most certainly could be homeless. Also known as a lumpen.

Often used as an insult by salty workaholics to little effect.
"You really livin' that lumpen lifestyle lmao"
"yeah, that's right, I'm a proud NEET you Marx and Engels stanning bitch"
by speedyNEET May 30, 2022
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A neet is typically a teen girl or a girl In her 20s , shes obsessed with anime and video games. (people confuse gamer girls and neets often but they are VERY different)

Neets are basically no lifers that have a dumpster dump for a room but have like 3 monster gaming PCs which they spend all their days on. They are usually huge neon genesis evangelion and serial experiments lain fans and are nocturnal.

They are chronically online and some are even extremely famous for art , music , memes or even just posting random shit. They also have a scary obsession with guns (some even have guns)

This information is pretty much accurate since this is coming from a neet although I'm not famous so I'm not even a cool neet💀
Ew your room is so messy you must be what they call a neet
by capybaraHAM April 30, 2023
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The worst form of punishment inflicted upon high schoolers who take science.

This exam is only dangerous for 2 reasons:
1. Physics in an exam meant to take medicine course, that's illogical.
2. Negative marking: That's illegal.
Without the following 2 this exam wouldn't have been bullshit and won't be punishing torture for students.
NEET is hell.
by Saitama 777 September 27, 2021
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“I’d DIE at the thought of you becoming a NEET in the futuresayori said to friendarin
by Minimalistic Orange Juice December 15, 2018
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