An image board on 4chan created as an experiment in original content. Devolved into emo bullshit and was axed in January of 2011. Has since been resurrected on other sites, most successfully on
r9k is a shitty board.
by anon1212212121 April 24, 2011
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A board on 4chan called ROBOT9001 ( /r9k/ ). To begin with the idea behind this board was every post being original in a way that no one before you posted exactly the same message. These days its a board filled with antisocial outcasts, virgins, incels that call themself robots because of the years of emotional neglect that have been facing. Turns out the majority of people on this board are young boys in their 20's that just never had a girlfriend and like to dramatize things.

The most famous people that are connected to r9k are school shooters or murderers that happend to be virgins like Elliot Rodgers.
>tfw only normies around me but atleast on r9k i have my robot friends
by ever333 March 16, 2018
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An image board on 4chan that originated in 2008 after the slow demise of /b/. It stands for Robot 9000. /r9k/ posters are usually refered to as "gentlemen". Only original content is allowed to be posted on /r9k/.
/b/ is dead. Long live /r9k/!
by Lazarius March 28, 2008
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The board on 4chan used by virgins teenagers and depressed normies.
I am a KHV who browses /r9k/.
by bgfbhfhfgghnfhfhffh May 28, 2022
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A board on 4chan. Originally a forum used as an experiment to test anti-reposting software, /r9k/ devolved into a community of incels who generally just complain about their lives, argue with eachother, or post greentext stories. Like most boards on 4chan, /r9k/ is not for the faint of heart, and it's not healthy to linger in this community for too long.
"So I tried to talk to some dudes on /r9k/ and they called me a roastie. Like, what even is a roastie?!"

- a confused female
by xm1 May 30, 2018
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