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A word to describe something that is awesome or cool.
Dude... That skateboarder is so rigid.
by IpN June 2, 2014
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To be boring, annoying
To be acting childish ect

Boring legit childish
Amanda why you so rigid

Jack you so rigid

Stop being rigid
by Savage.queen January 5, 2017
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When something is really amazing, awesome, or cool.
That concert last night was rigid, bro!
by GG Greg February 20, 2016
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rigid shaft is the thing in a males pants in where the flabby skin becomes hard and stiff and is inmovable thus wise causing pleasure when stroke gently or pushed in and out of a hole that is pink and stinky
The man's rigid shaft was protruding from his pants and was clearly visible
by Patty December 9, 2004
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An erect penis. Richard is the longer name of "dick". Dick of course being another name for the penis. Rigid as in hard, of course and for the purpose of alliteration.
Deborah wrapped her lips over Michael's Rigid Richard and proceeded to lick his shaft with her tongue.
by Mr Lizard October 13, 2004
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The point during female orgasm where leg muscles become tense and straighten the legs feet and toes into a rigid mass. It is very unwise, at this point of events, to stop the actions that are causing this rigidity.
"Well Fiona how did you fair with Rodney last evening?"
"Oh my God Alisia, he was charming an I was shagged rigid all night"
by fluffyplums August 18, 2008
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A small man almost Dwarf like with big muscles. Although strong he cant bend for toffee. Often known for their inability to put underwear on properly having to flick it onto their foot. Make great lovers unless you want them to do the crab.
Have you seen that Mr Rigid?
I have , he's so hot , if only he could put his underwear on without hopping round the bedroom like a muppet.
by RedheadedKB October 31, 2014
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