to flick a juice with the back of your hand.
"Dude that juice is nice. i am goin to flick it."
by doopskate July 11, 2008
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The act of female masturbation by rubbing the clitoris until climaxing.
Roomate 1: Can you stop flicking it? I'm right here.
Roomate 2: Sorry, its been a while.
by Vickstaa March 20, 2009
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To be pulled over or caught by a police officer
Damn yo that party last night got FLICKED
by Adam Roberto May 23, 2006
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The cooler and better way of saying “on fleek
You: Jeremiah, your makeup is on flick!
by LitFAM1719 January 6, 2018
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slang for photographs, often used in the graffiti culture.
did you get flicks of that train you painted last night?
by MC Boonge August 14, 2003
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She walked to her room in private, locked the door. She unbuttoned and slid her fingers under the inside waistband of her panties.
Opening her legs, sliding her hand down her pussy, spreading her lips with her first and fourth finger. Then she held the lips in place with her other hand, leaving her clitoris vulnerable. She uses the first hand to flick against her clit, over and over as she arches her back.
Then she reaches back and flicks against the walls of the opening of her vagina, going back and flicking her clitoris.
She strokes her labia and flicks her clitoris again, finally finishing and although she's wet, lifting up her pants like nothing happened. Shaking, she goes to read more definitions!
by Wantfemaleterms July 22, 2013
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