Deborah; she's an amazing lady with an awesome personality,big heart,very pretty,intelligent,witty,funny,understanding,caring and the list goes on. You'd be damn lucky to have a Deborah in your life,she's fun to be with ,she's a Queen and she sure stands for what she believed it even if it means standing alone! You wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
All heads turn when Deborah walks by
by Bee Queen king August 5, 2017
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Deborah is the greatest person you will ever meet. She will always be there for you and is beautiful inside and out. She is a tad bit stubborn but that doesn’t matter. DEBORAH YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING
by chaemx May 5, 2018
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Deborah is a true warrior and conqueror. She loves with a unique ferocity, and is fearless. She is beautiful in every way, both inside and out. If dragons existed you would see her up in the heavens and conquering the air beneath her. Once you love a Deborah there is no going back! She is a true ( Queen).
by Contririum1 July 13, 2019
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A very sweet and loving.she is known to make the best of girlfriends and BGF's.she is very sweet and cuddling. She is a caring and determined. Even though that she could be naughty she cares.maxphil
I wish my best friend and girlfriend could be more like deborah
by +Max Phil+ August 1, 2018
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The most amazing and the most intelligent person you will ever meet. A someone who will be there for you no matter what happens in your life and is there to support you. A person who is very friendly and has a bubbly personality. The only person who is positive minded and just can't stand looking at a sad face. A Deborah can also be a stubborn person but its natural. A person who will always and forever will be the cutest and most adorable person in the universe.
' I saw this girl at school and she was so NICE!'
'Was she a Deborah?'
'Probably, cause Deborah's are awesome man!'
by Tre37Blakyn78 April 17, 2013
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Deborah is a (courageous) woman and a (true fighter) "beautiful in every way". Most people in her life take her for (granted). But because of her "selfless generosity" she overlooks their shallowness. She truly has (no idea) how unique, special, beautiful, and irreplaceable she is inside and out! The love of her life who ( gets) her would never sacrifice being with her and her alone. Once a Deborah (holds your heart) ❤ no one else can ever (measure up). When you have the rare (Gift) of Deborah, no one else can (Compare). She is a (Ravishingly Beautiful) "Lady" in every way!
Who is that gorgeous woman? That is Deborah, and she is mine !
by Contririum1 September 22, 2019
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Hebrew spelling. Also means The Bee and to speak eloquently Deborah's are usually sophisticated, witty, intelligent with a great sense of humour. Other women are usually jealous of Deborah's and men want her.
Woah... I met this fantastic woman in this classy art gallery on the weekend her name must be 'Deborah'
by weecheekies July 22, 2008
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