would not be a myth if guys acknowledged the clitoris
-maybe if you don't want me to fake my female orgasms make me come for real man
by FIDLARsdead December 28, 2016
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Contrary to popular belief, it indeed DOES exist. Most women are fully capable of having orgasms if they "train" themselves to do so. Female porn-stars are mostly highly-orgasmic women because they've trained themselves to have orgasms. Most guys suck at sex and won't admit it because more than likely they have never been able to bring a woman to orgasm. Ladies, there is hope...but it comes with batteries.
Why males can't bring females to orgasm:
1) It takes more than 3 minutes for a woman to orgasm
2) They can't find the clitoris (VERY crucial)
3) Their dicks never stay hard long enough
4) They can't find the g-spot
5) They don't or suck at eating pussy
6) They're stingy with the foreplay (15 minutes or less is STINGY and also VERY crucial)

Why some females still don't have orgasms:
1) They don't have a vibrator
2) They don't (or are too afraid to) explore their own bodies
3) They're not lesbians

Signs a woman IS having/or has HAD an orgasm:
1) Incoherent speech
2) Shaking legs
3) Flushed chest & face
4) "Squirting"
5) Lip-biting
6) Falls asleep right after sex

Signs a woman is FAKING/or did NOT have an orgasm:
2) Cracks open a book right after sex
3) Bored expression or exaggerated facial expressions
4) Not moving or saying anything
5) Relieved expression when the sex is over

There you have it guys AND girls. The female orgasm DOES exist.
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
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A pleasurable, self-induced anti-climax following adequate sexual stimulation of a female, characterised by peaking sympathetic nervous-system activity (excitement), the release of endorphins and oxytocin, and rhythmic contractions of the uterus and vaginal muscles.
You can stroke her clit or g-spot or any other erogenous zones of her choosing until the cows come home. She will only cum if she is not inhibited by psychological hang-ups and really wants to.
by Venth May 2, 2005
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Is completely real. Guys who can't get their partner to orgasm make me ashamed to be part of the species.
The female orgasm is the thing that if you can manage,(you have to not suck at sex), will make a woman want to have sex with you over and over.
by Nymphetamine Junkie October 18, 2008
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verb: an orgasm occurs at the peak of stimulation during fornication. A thick bodily fluid (cum) releases from the two main orifices of the body: the vagina and the mouth.
It was so good i had a female orgasm, but I knew he didn't care about me- after he said, "Swallow your own cum, bitch!"
by Ursala Newman May 4, 2008
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Does not exist. At all. Ever.
Girl having sex:I'M CUMMING!!
Man doing her: LIAR!!
by Kouichi December 29, 2005
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It's right here on Urban Dictionary: female orgasm: totally a myth. See, babe? Blame biology, not me!
by Rambunctious Raccoon April 7, 2021
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