To pay off a 'bent' or corrupt official
Jack straightened out the copper and we got let off
by Damian M January 22, 2008
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A straightener in Liverpool is a fight between 2 people to settle their differences. - Not just a punch
Lad1: You 'angin round after school? Gilly is having a straightener with robbo!
Lad2: Yeah la deffo up for seein' that!
by tallica January 16, 2007
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A reference to cocaine, coke, blow, snow, reference from the HBO show Succession. Roy Kendall refers to cocaine as a “straightener” to accommodate as a short term sobering agent.
by September 22, 2021
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A small number of alcoholic drinks to regain one's composure after a stressful experience
I need a straightener after failing the driving test again
by Conal Cam May 25, 2008
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Liverpool word used by chavs (scallies - Tracksuit wearing pricks)meaning to give someone a heafty punch in the face
@Eh you fucking goth, do you wanna straightener ya pricccckkkk@
by Cheesyeggs May 4, 2005
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having curly hair cut short but still leaving it long enough to straighten...

hockey: "Hey I finally scored at footy at weekend so I can get my curly hair cut.. need to leave it long enough so its straightenable tho"
by lisa_colesy February 11, 2008
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The act of making a super hot lesbian straight by waving your dicks in their face
Guy 1: Hey man did you hear that Alyssa is lesbian?
Guy 2: Aww shit she’s about to get hit by The Straightening
by BrokenShower December 14, 2018
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