Eric: This stuffing was cooked too long and now it’s dry. This ain’t done right!
Tara: Honey, stop being so rigid and eat the damn dressing!
by Knowsomuch November 25, 2018
When someone has agreed to do sexual acts but then says no on the day
Guy “ so we alone on this bed, let’s get freakkky
Girl “ nahhh let’s just watch tv ok

Guy “ bruhhh why you moving rigid
by big man like me July 16, 2020
When something weird or wrong or dirty ,can be used a various situations
Girl 1: look over there

Girl 2: she is so rigid
by Euphoriasner January 26, 2022
A domain in it's only right as to be wrong a fair amount of times due to other given TARGETS to define.

Clearly look at bus number 18613.
If you give the BUS as a RIGID DOMAIN as anything a TARGET on that bus can disqualify a RIGID DOMAIN as a DOMAIN in itself on the BUS.

The DOMAIN RANGER 113 116 118 case in point makes the RIGID DOMAIN wrong.
by SEE YOUR ASSH0LE June 4, 2021
Being able to properly stand your ground on various topics even if the topics differ greatly in substance.

Often confused with hypocrisy.
Just because Khalea defended people who have truck-nuts then proclaimed how people who own truck-nuts should be shot is not hypocracy, its fluid mental rigidity.
by Heauxsferatu January 15, 2017