In windows computers , many installed applications or programs had a special exe file or executable file located in the program folder.
It was named as unwise.

It was the program that was used to uninstall the particular application from windows directory safely and it would also remove the shortcuts and registry entries of that application.

But instead of naming it as "Uninstall", they would name it as "Unwise"!

Unwise, general meaning that it is not wise to do too.

I guess the developer of the program would prefer that his application may not be installed. As a last resort to avoid uninstalling the application by any user, even if by mistake or so they named it as unwise! Good for the developers!!!
Hey co-worker, just double click on that file named unwise to uninstall the application from your system. make sure you had saved your data.
by pyrocute February 19, 2014
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A guy with a dad bod and frat guy sense of humor.
Those unwise guys have the sense of humor of a college freshman. Will they ever grow up?
by Lala Pepperstine March 5, 2019
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