A synonym to being high. You can be extremely blazed, or not so much. "Riding the bus" is a good code sentence to talk about being high around people. Look up: "going to catch the bus" which means- to buy drugs.
Dude, I was riding the bus the other day and I thought I was flying!
by lalalandhaha June 25, 2010
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(v., intransitive) to be the tits, the shit, the man, the bee's knees, etc.; to be the humanoid equivalent of an electric guitar with biceps; or to be a thing whose mere existence suggests that God is one cool freaking dude.
object rides the bus, as in
"Is that T-Rex with the combat boots beating up Vince Shlomi?"
"Yeah, it would appear so, my good man."
"Wow. That rides the bus."
by SlipSlapJack July 14, 2009
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Sitting for up to an hour doing nothing with a load of dick heads (chavs). More common in engalnd because the driving age is 18 and there are alot of chavs.
"What you doin after college?"

"I gotta ride the bus"
by Matt.A October 5, 2007
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The process of a person jumping on a person's penis/cock
"Do you Riding the bus?" says Richard. "Yes I do" says slutty Owais.
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The act of standing or sitting far enough away from a public bus stop as to make it appear as though you are not actually waiting for it when in actuality you are but are too embarrassed for people to realize this fact.
Why's that dude sitting over there? We all know his broke ass is waiting for the bus and shit. I guess he's not riding the bus? Yeah right!!
by bigrobbo September 18, 2009
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When you do or say something that makes you seem retarded. From the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie of the same name starring Rosie O'Donnell in which she plays a "challenged" person who, surprisingly, rides the bus with her sister. What could have been a touching portrayal was ruined by the fact that she spent the majority of the movie screaming and acting like an insane monkey rather than a noble portrayal of a person with mental handicaps. So really, you are acting more like an insane monkey than a retarded person. Shortened version of Riding the Bus with My Sister.
"Don't put aluminum foil in the microwave. You are so Riding the Bus when you do that."
by The Carester September 13, 2005
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