adj. used to describe something in a positive way, c. 1950's.
"that outfit is just the bee's knees!"
by bef May 19, 2003
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When bees flit from flower to flower the nectar sticks to their legs. The phrase "bee's knees" means sweet and good, because the knees of the bee are where all the sweet, good stuff is collected.
That definition about moving around really fast is wrong.
by elisa August 22, 2004
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excellent - the highest quality.

Bees carry pollen back to the hive in sacks on their legs. It is tempting to explain this phrase as alluding to the concentrated goodness to be found around the bee's knee.
Alison: Swanson, I think you're wonderful.
Swanson: Well, Alison, I think you're the bees knees.
by AlisonWonderland October 24, 2007
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A old-fashioned phrase to describe something that is admirable, beautiful, or has some other desirable trait
This sandwich that my wife made is the bee's-knees!
by Peanut Butter Ewoks January 1, 2011
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Lad's dad-Give this lighter to the bug-eyed, unstable looking girl smoking a cigarette. Yea, the one with the hair that looks like a mix between boy band and skater haircut, she will think you're the bees knees for that.
Lad- That's pretty straightforward and easy, that's all I have to do?
by Solid Mantis October 16, 2017
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