the warming up of a stiff penis inside of a vagina without movement in preparation of thrusting and grinding in the wee early hours of the morn
after a great night's sleep, my boyfriend decided to marinate in the microwave before we turned up the temperature and got things going.
by krupabot February 17, 2014
(n) A hand gesture used by a midget to say hello
Hey, the midget over there just gave me a microwave
by Johhny Bravo August 2, 2011
A microwave is a clock that occasionally cooks shit.
my microwave is used more for a damn clock than cooking stuff!
by televox May 3, 2007
A word that Dan Howell THINKS is an onomatopoeia, but it isn't.
PHIL: What's your favourite onomatopoeia?
DAN:*speaks in weird voice* microwave
PHIL: That's not one!
by Thesaurus (vocab dinosaur) November 8, 2017
When someone says something already said, one will say "In the Microwave?"

Originated in Topeka, Kansas:
"I hated in the movie Urban Legend when the dog blows up in the microwave."
"OH YEAH! In the microwave?"
Victor: Hey, look at that can of pie filling!
Danielle: Hey, look! Pie filling!
Victor: In the microwave?

by Urka March 23, 2008
(noun) A device used to warm up plates, and unevenly at that.
Some try their luck for a meal that ends up cooked perfectly, without localized burns while the other side remains frozen rock-hard, but legends say it has only been done once before, by Chuck Norris.
Friend: Ow, just burned my hand from the plate.
Me: You'd think you would get used to your microwave by now.
Friend: There's water everywhere and the centre has this creepy brown burnt spot.
Me: Thank god I can cook.
by ew1017 January 25, 2013