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the state of both actual and real when under theorical prose/ conditions, such as that of the mind or that of the a highly unlikely scenerio... beggers belief that such is possible...
this is in the sense of abstract reality
perhaps of mind perhaps of actuality... actuality used in abstact... due to the high levels of unlikelyness... as that which is supposed may seem actual but may never be real and that which may real may not be actual.
by caseletter February 27, 2010
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Derived as a combination of "actually" and "reality" to express something stated is true and really is the case, describes the state of truthfulness of a fact or belief, often conveyed with a sense of surprise that it really is true, hence a reality. The state of something being real or true.
Many people believe that the tomato is a vegetable, but in actuality it is really a fruit.
by butchbert July 02, 2007
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