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Gourmet, overtly complicated, needlessly difficult, heavily involved, deeply intricate, the opposite of simple & easy, requiring patience & commitment.
1)In terms of MMOBG (Massively Multiplayer Online Builder Games) Cubelands is simple, Minecraft is moderate, & Wurm Online is convoluted.

2)She found two recipes for Swedish Meatballs; a simple one using fewer ingredients that took less time that might not taste as good, & a convoluted recipe using more ingredients with a longer cook & preparation time that promised to taste heavenly if cooked properly.
by ThatEvilRedhead July 23, 2011
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The cheap lazy opposite of craftsmanship seen in lower quality bootlegs that don't even try to trick you into thinking you're buying the real thing, especially dollar store/poundland toys cast from molds of molds.
Would you look at the crapsmanship on this thing? Shoddy paint job, all the wrong colors, jagged plastic that reeks of crayon, barebones packaging, no articulation, easily breakable parts, the accessories are the wrong size, & it's a lot smaller than the original.
by ThatEvilRedhead June 16, 2013
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Fandom of anything comes in two flavors; hardcore & casual.

Casual fans enjoy the show or game or book, but usually not enough to involve themselves in debates, fanart, fanfiction, & wikis. The ones that do work off limited memory of the subject.

Hardcore fans come in two flavors; purist & degenerate.

Purist fans insist that characters in fanfiction be completely in character & that the story has continuity nods. Degenerate fans change the personalities of characters to suit their needs, especially if the plot revolves around their Mary-Sue character.

Purist fans' OCs will not be romantically involved with canon characters & will be appropriate for the setting. Degenerate fans' OCs will look & feel very out-of-place with their surroundings, be deeply involved with canon characters, dress very differently than everyone else, & have a large number of special abilities & talents.

Purists purge any speculations that cannot be proved with solid evidence from Wiki pages. Degenerates create the speculations & often continue to stick with them even after the concepts have been steamrolled by new continuity. They also slash characters who canonically are not into eachother.

Purist fanart may or may not try to mimic the look of the original, but at least keeps it clean. Degenerate fanart includes humanizing animals, animalizing humans, breast inflation, porn, bestiality, pedophilia, weight gain, gratuitous nudity, & gender swapping.
1)The more unsavory fans of Adventure Time spend all their thoughts on potential pairings while the nerdier ones keep their eyes open for Mario & Zelda references.

2)Casual fans of Peanuts fancy Marcie & Peppermint Patty as lesbians, despite their established shared crush on Charlie Brown & the fact that they were only 8 years old. Is it wishful thinking or could they just not be assed to read the comics the TV series was based on?

3)Many believe that large adult male fanbase for Friendship is Magic to be creepy, but it is actually the 12-18 year old male fans who make the bulk of the fanart you can never unsee.
by ThatEvilRedhead February 14, 2013
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A meme that has become dank; dank being a descriptor for something that is moldy, dark, cold, wet, & old, like an abandoned termite eaten building after a flood.
I can't believe people still won't let this meme die. It's been dank for half a decade.

Shouldn't have added my brother as a friend; he keeps spamming his page with dank memes & top 10 lists.
by ThatEvilRedhead May 11, 2016
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Usually niche food of acquired taste & often questionable origin enjoyed by only a small amount of people. It can also be a tasty food with a sky-high price tag.

While Wikipedia quotes it as being "a food item that is considered highly desirable in certain cultures," what they really mean is that it's panned by most of the population, but more people in that country will eat it than anywhere else.

A delicacy can range from poor people food (like the natto parents will force their children to eat), to tiny portions of overhyped rich people food (like french truffles).

Other delicacies are used purely for novelty & entertainment value outside their country of origin, such as eating a can of Surströmming, Balut, Pidon, or drinking Birds Nest Soup for a web review series about gross foods.
Aileen sent me a can of Haggis; a delicacy of Scotland. I was reluctant to eat it because it contained offal & because canned versions are never better than fresh. She reminded me what goes into sausages. I tried it & was relieved that it tasted like corned beef hash.
by ThatEvilRedhead January 27, 2013
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Definition 1: See post by JohnWikck

Definition 2: A derogatory term for anything from memes & old Youtube Poops to vintage stand-up comedy, & classic British sitcoms, used by both "woke" youth & out-of-touch seniors who still laugh at fart jokes & think Minions was a good movie. Basically, any intentionally offensive & mean spirited humor they can't understand or take too seriously, as well as reference-based humor they are out of the loop on.
Every day both the Old Media has a new hot take on "edgy humor" while the SJWs have a new petition trying to ban it.
by ThatEvilRedhead April 5, 2019
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1) A movie that tries to make a classic film relevant by modernizing it.

2) A movie redone by the same director with changes.

3)A movie based on a book, play, or musical that imitates & does not diverge much from a previous movie based on the source material.
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory does not qualify as a remake of Willy Wonka, as they are both based on the book & are very different.

There are over 12 Alice in Wonderland movies, some based on the play, some based on the book. None of them are remakes of eachother.

Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies do not qualify as remakes of the Rankin & Bass & Ralph Bakshi movies.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella has been remade 3 times.
by ThatEvilRedhead June 28, 2011
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