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also known as Tria. Smart black girl who talk proper english. Latria is a ride or die bitch and will be the first one to say let beat a bitches ass. Latria are often quiet but can be assertive. Talks shit but can back it up. If you ever get arrested with a Latria... She will have the bail money to get herself out of jail.
Female: You heard about that fight last night

Female 2: Yeah that Latria bitch is fucking crazy who ever known a proper talking black girl like that could kick some ass.
by LilMama420! September 05, 2011
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Better known as the undercover hoe. Latria are hoes with morals and doesn't care if you have a girlfriend or not. Latria is not a clingy bitch she will fuck you then leave you. Latria is freak and love to toss salad.
Latria is a undercover hoe.
by Celticgirl88 August 16, 2012
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