Crimson is a deep rich red colour, but it can also mean that you have A LOT of blood on your hands.
"He single-handedly killed thousands which in turn earned him the title The Crimson Soldier"
by Sloth Lord July 4, 2017
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Someone or something that is the greatest example of the color Crimson. The person is usually vastly intelligent, silent but when speaks; speaks with wisdom, somewhat durable, often dark and mysterious at first, and is caring and sweet.

As a color, Crimson is the color of blood and shows that it is dark, bold, and shows a great meaning behind it.
"Look at the crimson moon, it's beautiful."
by Strkt0r December 11, 2006
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A bad-ass chick who's hot && she knows it!! She can get any boy she wants but usually picks the one that treats her like shit!!! But then the good guy comes along && sweeps her off her feet!! She's sweet and she's great with kids!! She'll be a great mommy someday!!!!! She's lovable, sweet, caring, always hungry, could survive off pure raman noodles, and has great friends that she'll keep for the rest of her life!!!!! Also, a great sister, regardless of the stealing of her sister's stuff.
Hot Guy: "Hey man, did you see Crimson this morning?"
Hot Guy's Friend: " Yeah dude, she be looking super fine as always!!!!"
Hot Guy: "Any guy would be lucky to have that.."
Hot Guy's Friend: "True dat!"
by CrimsonsSister May 19, 2010
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A talented Ninja. Capable of kicking your ass to a bloody pulp. Kind, caring, sweet, and good-looking. Musically inclined, and very creative.
Crimson is fucking awesome.
by xoxoxo September 2, 2004
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1) my little bby girl!!!
2) a very pretty reddish color
1) I love Crimson, my little girl so much!!

2)Crimson is the best color ever!!
by C.barbee September 30, 2008
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Crimson is a type of girl who is kind but also has sass she usually has red and green eyes or red and brown eyes she often calls herself ugly and fat but only her friends know that’s not true because she is very Beautiful and amazing but she can like Alot of boys and date a lot but if you don’t have your self a crimson then find one quick she’s awsome
Crimson is my Bestfriend and she is talented and beautiful
by Brianna Smith:D January 30, 2019
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