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Pictures of cats that make people forget about committing suicide. DEY NOM ON CHEEZBURGERZ!
Britney Spears was going to kill herself after shaving her head, but then she saw a LOLCAT with an invincible sandwich.
by KillTheDead March 26, 2010

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Airbags for women
Doctor: I'm Sorry, but your wife was in a car crash
Man: But she has no injuries
Doctor: Well if it wasn't for her breast implants she'd be dead
by KillTheDead April 16, 2010

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A word meaning a classic movie turned into a terrible movie with bad acting
I almost puked after seeing the remake of Halloween 1 & 2

Movie Remakes are bad
by KillTheDead November 20, 2010

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A retarted baby of the tv show the Rugrats even though he's a baby, his age right now (2010) is 12. Not counting the retarted spin off All Grown Up
by KillTheDead May 14, 2010

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A little fag who likes singing about being a lesbian. When she was a little girl she was not good at any sports. Know her single Mommy can't take care of her so usher has to take care of her.
Justin Bieber Talking To Her Boy Friend

Justin: Hey Baby, guess what?

Her Boy friend: What?

Justin: I'm pregnant, pregnant, pregnant OHHHH like pregnant, pregnant, pregnant OHHH
by KillTheDead December 20, 2010

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An untalented actress and musician. Known for not singing, but yelling the words into a microphone.
I have to pick between Demi Lovato or an orange to do a duet with me. I'm picking the orange.
by KillTheDead December 22, 2010

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When you fail horribly and either shit your pants during the fail or after the fail.
He totally biffed it.
Do you smell shit?
by KillTheDead May 26, 2010

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