A feeling we get when our mom calls us by our full name.
Mom: "Bianca Alexandra Gracie Martin, get in here now!"

That's true terror.
by LlamaMama902 January 20, 2015
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A group of small children that are generally annoying.
"I was babysitting a terror of children last night. They ran away and shit on the floor.
by MemeSuply4Real July 10, 2017
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An evil Fascist country that America is currently at war against.
*Established- September 11, 2001
*Presidents- (1) Saddam Hussein (2001-2003)
(2) Abu Musab Al Zaraqwi (2004-2006)
(3) Osama Bin Ladin (whenever convenient)
(4) To be determined by the CIA
*Religion- Different brands of Islam, primarily JIHAD
*Population- One billiion America hating persons are citizens of Terror, they are commonly reffered to as terrorists or terrorrees.
*Location- Uknown, can not be found on map. They are that sneaky.
*Economy- No one works, everyone is to busy hating America. Most of the money flowing in and out of Terror, quite ironically, is a direct result of U.S. "foreign aid". Individual radicals also contribute funds.
*Language- America hating arabic
*Holidays- Terror has two main holidays:
(1) Ramadan- consists of fasting and praying
(2) September 11th- citiznes are required to dance in the streets with joy and shout "Death to America".
*Military- A sophisticated, coordinated and very organized military that is determined to destroy America. Although they have not done so yet, they are 100% capable of sending a platoon of 1,000 to combat American forces anywhere in the world.
*Controversy- Some obviously insane individuals seem to believe Terror is not a country, but a tactic of individual persons and/or small groups.
We are at war with Terror.
America is safer from Terror, but it is not yet safe.
Terror hates freedom.
Before WWIII started, i used to vacation in Terror, but its just to violent now.

by GeorgeWBush September 6, 2006
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Terror is a word used by Arabs and Middle Eastern people to replace the N word, as Arabs use the word without permission, so they created a new word, related to the misconceptions around their nationality. Terrors are absolute g's and bad mouthing a terror will get you gang banged. Never say the hard T.
guy 1 - Whats up ma terror?
guy 2 - nothing much, just beat up a guy who said the hard T
guy 1- brooo he def deserved that if he said the hard T
by March 21, 2021
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Several millennia ago, there existed a fiend, born from the evil of man, who's cryptic form was the very embodiment of darkness. Those who have seen his true form have described him as slender, well over 12 feet tall, with dark skin, a crooked nose, a pitch black cloak made entirely of hate, darkness, and oil, and cackles a laugh that resonates with a force that can bring people to become atheist, lose faith in their government, and even diminish one's sense of pride.

This man... nay, creature, has been at war with humanity since it first set foot into our earthly realm. Time and time again, he would seek out a world leader and personally wage war against him. Thankfully, Terror lacks the ability to manipulate our world with his own hands. He can harm no leader, but no leader can harm terror. So, the leaders who Terror declares war against (most recently George W. Bush) are forced to sit on the sidelines while their soldiers fight against the minions of Terror, in the hope of breaking through their defenses and striking a lethal blow at Terror itself.

Many leaders kept the existence of Terror a secret. Many have been led to believe that Terror is an emotion, that "terrorists" are people (often groups) who make people feel "terrified", and that Terror is in no way a tangible force.

President George W. Bush is the first leader in recent history who felt it important to tell the world the truth, and officially declared his "War on Terror".
Dave: Did you hear that? Bush just declared war on terror! What a dumbass, terror is an emotion! XD

Bob: You're the dumbass! Bush is gonna kick Terror's ass! Terror can't hide from the military, the president already knows he's hiding out somewhere in the middle-east!
by Terror's brother, Nightmare. January 8, 2010
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l337 man who is called PoT t3rr0r and ownz on DoD and CSS
by t3rr0r March 13, 2005
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Manipulation of any person or group of persons fear (the emotion of terror, hence TERRORism) in order to gain obedience/forceful agreement, or accomplish a certian objective.
The United States media constantly throws propaganda of how everyone in the middle east is evil and embeds the word 'terrorist' into everyone's minds from the day they are born as 'evil'. Then they use it to scare us into allowing them to bomb millions of innocent lives to ashes in the Middle East, then take over for whatever purpose.

BUT WAIT! I think I've hit something here:

...embeds the word 'terrorist' into children's minds as 'evil'. Then they use it to scare us into allowing them to...

Hmm, let's break that down into something simpler:

...use fear to manipulate the people into allowing them to...

Oh my gosh! Wouldn't that make the United States the terrorists!? How ironic!
by Cybernetico December 31, 2005
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