To be a demon is to be extremely skilled at something.
by Chewy115 March 28, 2018
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Used to refer to a homie that is a savage. Also commonly used in the streets or in rap music.
"I'm out here coolin wit my demons"
by The Nigga's Sister April 26, 2017
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Used as slang for a female with very good sexual skills , as in stealing your soul during sex .
Yo man , that girl is a straight demon
by Gurl00 December 25, 2018
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A demon is the result of a fallen Angel. At the start of time, 1/3 of the Heavens rebelled against Arch Angel Michael. This front was led by the Angel of Light - Lucifer and his armies were governed by Be'elzebuth.

The war wasnt a sucess for the third of angels rebelling and they were cast down to a region known as Hell. Once in Hell, the Fallen Angels became known as Demons.

Demons have the power to control human minds, an ironic power all considering their war was started due to the fact they were jealous God loved Humans more than his first creation - Angels.
Lucifer was an Angel, however turned into a Demon when sent to Hell
by Benxander August 25, 2008
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My little brother is such a demon! He always gets me into trouble for stuff that he did.
by TROLLKING9001 September 14, 2020
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An insult to be sure, but one with a modicum of respect.
by S117 July 15, 2019
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Demons, unlike Daemons, are extra-dimensional creatures that often descend from rifts within the universe to feed upon raw energy, like that of the human brain. Demons are, in a way, similar to Gods, except that Gods are N-th dimensional beings, whileas Demons are limited in which dimensions they may traverse. Demons can often ascend into more dimensions by collecting enough raw energy from either organic beings or energy beings, so as to be able to break through the wall between dimensions. Once thought of as aliens, Demons are now known to have entered this solar system through an inter-dimensional rift near Titan. They have so far been able to infiltrate Area 51 and many other Government compounds, but the Political leaders of earth have struck a deal, allowing the Demons to feed on any organisms but humans first. They are of higher dimensions than we, so we are thus unable to percieve their true forms. They can appear as anything to us, even remain entirely invisible if they wish to.
His dreams were filled with nightmares of scaly-hided beasts with horned heads, and leathery wings. The one who could see demons, the demon-killer, had been awoken.
by detranova January 22, 2004
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