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Someone who puts milk in before the cereal
Brynley just posted a vid of her putting milk first I think she’s a demon
by Bean Licker October 06, 2019
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Used as slang for a female with very good sexual skills , as in stealing your soul during sex .
β€œYo man , that girl is a straight demon”
by Gurl00 December 24, 2018
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the dark part of your mind,the crawling nagging feeling somethings wroung,inner bad feelings
i have to break my inner demons to move on ...
by mikey1969 February 07, 2008
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A demon is the result of a fallen Angel. At the start of time, 1/3 of the Heavens rebelled against Arch Angel Michael. This front was led by the Angel of Light - Lucifer and his armies were governed by Be'elzebuth.

The war wasnt a sucess for the third of angels rebelling and they were cast down to a region known as Hell. Once in Hell, the Fallen Angels became known as Demons.

Demons have the power to control human minds, an ironic power all considering their war was started due to the fact they were jealous God loved Humans more than his first creation - Angels.
Lucifer was an Angel, however turned into a Demon when sent to Hell
by Benxander August 24, 2008
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Those aren't ghosts man,they're demons!
by life is disturbing September 11, 2005
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