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Released every Friday, Background Noise is a talk radio show located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and consisting of Luke James - a writer, Derrek Ord and Devin Deuville - 2 film makers and Jon Sangster - a computer programmer. Recorded at 6:00pm EST on Thursday night, Background Noise also streams video of the recording live on uStream. During the live broadcast, the stream and chat will be available at
Background Noise: we talk about interesting things and make them gross.
by coolkrushicekilla April 10, 2010
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background noise (BACK-ground noys) noun. The legitimate and ever-increasing inquiries and comments directed at US government officials in regards to their activities and questionable procedures.
George Senior: Son, what is happening with your second term? You only have a 28% approval rating.
Laura: He's been drinking again and his buddies are getting busted left and right.
The Twins: Daddy, you just need another crisis to fix then the people will stop questioning and doubting you.
George Junior: Who cares? As long as I can declare martial law it's all just background noise. Now, where is my copy of Mein Kampf?
by ol Neddy Ludd October 24, 2005
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A television show / movie youโ€™ve seen enough times that you know the plot by heart and it no longer requires active attention to follow, so you watch it while youโ€™re completing other quiet activities, to fill the room with some kind of noise.
Friend: Hey, I thought we were going to study, why is Friends/Seinfield/The Office/Parks and Rec on?
You: Iโ€™m not watching it, itโ€™s just background noise, letโ€™s study!
by InspectorVega June 26, 2019
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