Released every Friday, Background Noise is a talk radio show located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and consisting of Luke James - a writer, Derrek Ord and Devin Deuville - 2 film makers and Jon Sangster - a computer programmer. Recorded at 6:00pm EST on Thursday night, Background Noise also streams video of the recording live on uStream. During the live broadcast, the stream and chat will be available at
Background Noise: we talk about interesting things and make them gross.
by coolkrushicekilla April 10, 2010
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background noise (BACK-ground noys) noun. The legitimate and ever-increasing inquiries and comments directed at US government officials in regards to their activities and questionable procedures.
George Senior: Son, what is happening with your second term? You only have a 28% approval rating.
Laura: He's been drinking again and his buddies are getting busted left and right.
The Twins: Daddy, you just need another crisis to fix then the people will stop questioning and doubting you.
George Junior: Who cares? As long as I can declare martial law it's all just background noise. Now, where is my copy of Mein Kampf?
by ol Neddy Ludd October 25, 2005
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A television show / movie you’ve seen enough times that you know the plot by heart and it no longer requires active attention to follow, so you watch it while you’re completing other quiet activities, to fill the room with some kind of noise.
Friend: Hey, I thought we were going to study, why is Friends/Seinfield/The Office/Parks and Rec on?
You: I’m not watching it, it’s just background noise, let’s study!
by InspectorVega June 26, 2019
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