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What the American film industry excels at.
Stacey: OmG, like, The Hitcher, The Wicker Man, and Dark Water were a few of my favorite horror-thrillers of recent years!

Dave: You do realize those are all remakes of existing films, right? The originals are highly superior. The Hitcher '86, for example, is a beloved cult classic and a staple of any self-respecting genre fan's collection. Dark Water, is just another example of a somwhat dumbed-down Americanized take on an Asian horror flick (Japan in this case).

Stacey: I swear--like, I had no idea!

Dave: That's because your brain is comprised primarily of Tampax fibers and oxygenated lip gloss residue, and your soul is trapped in daddy's credit cards.

Stacey: Oxygenemated? Hehe big words make my head twirl! Anyways I like you! You're a naughty, sexy asshole you would belittle me at every possible opportunity--just what I craaave! Let's go get a smoothie!

Dave: You could use a remake--after all, there's lot of room to improve on the original.

Stacey: Cosmo! Brangelina!
by Robb-a-dob January 07, 2008

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Apparently, the erroneous way in which some toolbags spell Kurt RUSSELL by way of failure to include the final L.
When contributing a disparaging Urban Dictionary entry for a cult favorite celeb ala "Kurt Russel", it is strongly recommended that the contributing entity takes a moment to at least ensure that the spelling is correct, before returning to the (Crank That) Souljaboy I-Tunes download and Meet the Spartans tickets from Fandango.
by Robb-a-dob February 05, 2008

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Playfully flamboyant expression of approval and/or excitement given in response to pleasing news. Particularly applicable when conversing with a gay friend (the kind that has a sense of humor, at least). The fruit in question must be strawberries. No substitutions are acceptable.
Chad: "Soooo...guess who got their tax return earlier than expected? Looks like I'll be going on the cruise with the whole gang after all!"

Tom: "oOoo, yUmmy strrrawberries!"

Chad: "I knooow, right?? hahahahahaaa!"
by Robb-a-dob February 15, 2008

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Derogatory label that comprises the terms 'weird' and 'fucktard'. Appropriate when either label alone is deemed insufficient.
Edgar was always quite the weird fucktard back in those days. If I had to guess, I'd say he has remained largely the same in his ways, and thus remains a weird fucktard.
by Robb-a-dob January 31, 2008

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One whom surpasses a garden variety dork in terms of ineptitude; one whom regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty of typical dorkiness.
In true dorkloaf fashion, J.D. tripped and spilled all of his heavy textbooks onto the floor of the crowded hallway on his first day of high school. It was like something straight out of a movie.
by robb-a-dob January 15, 2008

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