The funniest movie of 2006 for sure, and possibly of all time.
That has to be Cage in that bear suit because he's been punching women all day.


Wow the wicker man had me laughing the entire movie!
by btgebo March 18, 2009
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Burning innocent virgins in wicker caskets in the shape of men. Ritual to a great fire god to which a small island played homage to.
Shall we burn our little wicker virgins and make them nice and crispy!?
by Molt3h June 29, 2004
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An incredibly anxious, manic or uptight person.
Nick was being a real Wicker Man when he forced those children to take their masks off.
by Fart Moniker February 3, 2011
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A man who has had beer before liquor, and had watched the Wicker Man film the night he drank.
Friend to the Wicker Man - Hey man, you know how it goes: Beer before liquor, you're the Wicker...................Man.
by Nicholas Caged June 30, 2011
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The act of having sex with a woman in a bear costume and at the climax you punch her in the face while screaming a bear pun
I pulled a wicker man on her and knocked her out while screaming, "Papa bear thinks this bitch is too CONSCIOUS!"
by Nicholas Fucking Cage March 12, 2015
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