a great aussie band who spent a while in a bubble as a publicity stunt, and it worked for a bit, but now its just kinda blah.
fan: man, did you know regurgitator use every vowel in their name?

some guy: dude, you have way too much fucking time on your hands. go masturbate.
by fish tits July 20, 2005
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To throw up digested food.
He regurgitated his food.Wasn't to good inside his stomach.
by BlackPohatu November 4, 2016
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To rush or surge back.

To cause to pour back, especially to cast up (partially digested food).
(True Story)
My brother wanted some of my french fries and i didn't want to share so when he wasn't looking i regurgitated into the ketchup, stirred it up and watched him munch!!!
by Shannon Elizabeth July 22, 2005
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The process of a male ejaculating inside another persons anus(female or male), and the recipient proceeding to use their intestinal track and esophagus to vomit the "load" out of their mouth
"Did you see that? Ronda totally just took that load and performed reverse regurgitation out of her mouth!!"
by Big Tom the Adam Bomb November 13, 2011
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When a girl farts and it gets sucked into her vigina. Then at a later time she releases it.
Fuck Tom I went down on Kristy last night and she totally blew a regurgitated fart into my mouth
by johnnykisakeezik May 1, 2018
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When a person is sick with diarrhea, then has to barf and they are happening at the same time while still on the pot.
Bryan "oh my god Nicole! Why is there crap and vomit everywhere?!"

Nicole " I had a regurgitated tornado and didn't know where to throw up while I was on the toilet!"
by pimpmastercj December 31, 2011
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When a guy cums in a girls mouth and she spits it back out into the guys asshole, and licks the guys balls.
This girl did the ectoplasm regurgitation all over my hole and balls!
by 407princess May 8, 2010
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