a reference to one's actual arsehole (rather than boss/husband/teacher/etc.) used either as a mild reproof or exclamation of disbelief.
"The War Against Terror? My hole, that is."
"You're taking that with you? My hole, you are."
"She never did! My hole!"
by edjog October 8, 2005
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My Hole is the cute, pink, tight, puckered entry into my fuck-chute.
My cadet roomie, Matt, put a temp tattoo on My Hole while I was asleep!
by USAF Cadet January 18, 2021
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Permission to enter and destroy said hole of another
Literally, jump in my hole right now
by Donghammer3316 December 15, 2021
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What two guys say to each other,that like one another.
"Hey,Mike."...."Let's go out tonight,and when we get home,you can investigate my hole."
by jim6471 May 23, 2018
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When someone requests to be anally blasted. Can be also used to obtain ones attention.
"Mr.Reid, fuck my hole!"-Kurt Teuscher
"May you please fuck my hole"-Kurt Teuscher
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When someone gives you the shits, an appropriate reply would be "suck my hole". the act of placing the lips on the human anus entrance or vaginal entrance, and creating a sucking motion. but that is not actually done, is only used as an insult. Has a variety of use and is appropriate for most situations.
"hey your shirt is ugly"
"hey you can suck my hole!"

"get out of my life"
"suck my hole!"
by suckmyyholeee May 17, 2010
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