1) Citrus soda, high energy drink.

2) www.savesurge.org
This surge soda rocks.
by surge March 10, 2003
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1)A word that was produced after Karl Rove ejaculated on a focus group.
2)Code word from Newscaster. When spoken it is a signal that means "This newscast has no ability to offer you anything but already chewed vomit. Please find another news source if you want to find out what's going on. You are looking at an image that bears no resemblance to any shred of honesty of moral conscience. Look away, look away!"
3)A juicy sounding word that distracts from more boring words like "Effective self-governance," "Competent War and Crisis Management," "Stemming of obsene corruption by friends of the administration," "incompetence," "Hey! We have no idea what were doing, and still our bank accounts are growing! Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah! Look over here! Can't see us through the smoke screen of great words like 'surge' 'war on terror' 'mushroom cloud' 'georgie's Mushroom cap'."
1)"Whoa!" cried the group as they were covered with Rovejuice. "That was some surge!" panted KR as he swabbed his member with a damp cloth. "How does that grab ya?"
The dials all rotated to quickly to the right, so that they might escape this madman.
2)Tim Russert asked the panel on "Meet the Press" how the surge was going. This was his cue for us Russert fans to turn to Emeril on the "Food Channel," a show where Russert was co-producer.
3)The bandits had Jimmy and I at gunpoint, but Jimmy thought quick. "Surge!" he yelled, pointing at the door. The gunmen looked over, and we knocked the guns from their hands. By the time the police arrived, it was all over but the shouting.
by Wisk February 5, 2008
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a rave + a rage but with more screaming, more flickering lights, and more anger.
"Oh man, there was a hardcore surge in Chemistry today and Blake and Jordan were fist pumping like crazy! I wish I was cool enough to party like that!"
by MACCRAAANNE May 13, 2010
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1. A political euphemism for "escalation," itself a Vietnam-era euphemism for committing more troops to a failing military conflict. Term used by the G. W. Bush administration to disguise its lack of a coherent military strategy in Iraq and stop the public from realizing that American lives are being wasted by a whining frat-boy psychopath and a gang of brain-dead neo-con draft dodgers.

2. Any desperate last-minute manuever used to stave off inevitable disaster.
1. "Hey, the surge is working! I know, because the guy who sold me my bullet-proof vest told me so!"

2. "Dude, your dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree."

"Hang on, homey, it's time for a surge."
by Max Debord April 15, 2007
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P.O.S: adjective

A high honor of the utmost "coolness" rarely given to only the select people who do something awesome to win the heroic admiration of the masses in modern situations.

Tom was considered "surge" by his peeps after he raised a coup in his high school's lunch room against the principal's discretely masked anti-war propaganda.
by Aurora Rebellious May 31, 2006
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"to surge"
to do something completely evil
"im going to surge the world one day" -nick surges
by allison November 12, 2004
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A term usually used in the Gay community; a shortened word usually for Plastic surgery
Girl, Stasha just went to Mexico and got her nose done.
I know that's right for getting the surge done bitch!
by ButterMiyake December 16, 2004
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