Publicity stunts are generally regarded as planned events made to gain exposure and get public’s attention. Today’s media publicity stunts are most often made by big companies, movie stars, and for launching new product(s). Publicity stunts can be either professionally arranged by public relations personnel, or set up by amateurs. They can also make or break someone’s career/product/cause, all depending on the way they are promoted and the type of publicity stunt. Based on the examples in recent news I will explain why entertainment/media organizations use publicity stunts and what factors cause them to succeed or fail.

Media interest is the goal of most publicity stunt planners. It is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to obtain popularity. Hence, it becomes main objective of public relations to catch media’s attention. An example of this would be an organization that schedules a press conference to attain a positive buzz and awareness for its new product. Public relations take care of setting up publicity stunts for everything from movie star conferences, auto shows, upcoming movies, to gala awards shows. There are also less glamorous ways to situate a publicity stunt – articles in entertainment magazines about fake relationship troubles, marriages, miscarriages, divorces, fictitious sex scandals, and court trials are most often placed in order to promote actors popularity, upcoming movie, or show(s).These sorts of stunts are set up by actor’s managers, publicity advisors, and actors themselves. It is of no coincidence that “private” family photos of actresses, sex video tapes, and major scandalous behaviors arise near the release dates of most actor/singer/influential figure’s release dates for their merchandise/cd/movies/shows etc.
- Tom Cruise is performing a publicity stunt by jumping on the couch about Kathy Holmes

- It is such a publicity stunt: the whole Scientology discussion and Tom Cruise's involvement (that ass wants Kathy to give birth without pain killers)

- Bennifer
by Krasavitsa March 23, 2006
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An exploiting upon the media's behalf. When celebrities have interventions, and reach out for help for their disorders and addictions, they get ostricized, stigmatized, and unsupported by the media who does not understand that the wellbeing of our fellow humans should hold a higher standard than publicity. It ends up being publicized beyond control because there is no way to hide flaws if you are a celebrity.
so-called "publicity stunt"s:
Lindsay Lohan
Mary-Kate Olsen
AJ McLean
James Hetfield

Each and every celebrity who didn't want to die from their disorders and addictions.
by Anna J February 8, 2006
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A Mock event which is used to garner publicity for a Celebrity just before an important event (Movie/TV show release etc.)
Paris Hilton Video Tape
"Walldrobe Malfunction"
"Katey Holmes *** Tom(asscrack)Cruse
"Lindsay Lardass Lohan's Life"
by Dark_Immortal July 3, 2005
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a mock occurence.
flim flam fraud.
a fluke.
a flat out HOAX.
people might say "oh she just couldnt"
when seth is driving 20 mph in the middle of the road..
when the 411 lady says "then why did u say yes to roberna park?" when clearly he didnt.
to use in a sentence:
when seth was driving 20 mph in the middle of the road, it was an absolute publicity stunt.
by poop! October 14, 2005
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(N.) Something concocted by Commericalism jerks in order to sell or promote a big project in secrecy. PS'es pull at your heart right before they dig their fists into it and yank it out of you as you watch with your last, dying breath. (Remeber the 80's: Incredible FlyMan? No? Well then, good!) DON'T fall for Publicity Stunts!
Bennifer II: The Garner Experiment
Dee Jay
Publicity Whore
Christy Hemme
Lingerie Bowl
Jennifer Aniston
Wardrobe Malfunction
Jelly Bracelets
Poopa Chalupa
Chicken Sandwich World Championship: TC VS Spicy
by G-Union 2 November 10, 2004
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Doing or saying something simply to create attention.
WB pulled a publicity stunt rebooting Superman seeming for no other reason then to change the character's ethnicity. Especially true as current actor, Henry Cavill, was universally loved in the role and had one highly successful solo movie.
by Carl Duval May 11, 2021
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