She is a brave and kind woman. She likes to get things done. She doesn't tolerate being called negative words. She loves music and dances like nobody is watching. She can sing okay. Ronda is a great and amazing person to know. You too will love knowing Ronda and will truly see her amazing self.
Ronda is my Mom's name.
by Sweet words July 10, 2018
Dude, his wife is a total Ronda.

Oh, is that what the song is about?
by undoneagain August 17, 2008
Some Ronda was acting all loud and such next to the local KFC. When the store manager called the police, they could not find any handcuffs big enough for her wrists.
by MrSchwab December 13, 2009
to sit around smoking bongs with mates
"hey come over to my house for a ronda"

"oh I'm just gonna chop up for a ronda"
by duster999 May 11, 2010
All bitches named Ronda make da hood life rondaful
Homie; yo dwag, whats up?
Me: My boo Ronda just brought me some choice weed
Homie; Man dat bitchs' rondaful
by PetalJess December 5, 2013
(n) aarons 1996 honda civic silver in color.
hey man lets hop in the ronda and ride to the store really quick
by daryl dollars June 28, 2011