The pubic hair of a red headed woman.
"He thinks he's getting inside? Please, Bonnie's red carpet is VIP only."
by Veronica Veil May 20, 2008
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A females mensturating vagina. the carpet meaning the a females pubic hair. Red meaning the blood that occurs during menstration.
I was eating red carpet last night.
by Joe Iron November 12, 2005
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Noun. An sexual act performed while the woman is menstruating. The woman glides to and fro on top of the man while the man lies down flat on his back. Thus, the woman glides gracefully, like a celebrity, while the man becomes her red carpet.

Verb. To initiate or engage in an act of red carpet.
1. "Hey baby, tonight, you could be the star, and I'll be your red carpet."
2. "Wanna red carpet?"
by Bodacious-Wan May 27, 2014
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To lick minge so vigorously that it causes a nose bleed. The blood then covers the hairy pubic creating a red carpet.
She bucked back that hard during oral that she bust my nose, so she ended up with a red carpet
by The DBF March 11, 2018
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An extremely good looking woman that you would take to the most important functions.
She is definitely red carpet. I'd take her home to momma.
by NURREDIN October 28, 2008
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when A womans pubic hair is styled in a Brazillian, but has had the rather embarrasing mishap of starting her period.
therefore, her pubic hair is stained red, giving the illusion of a "Red Carpet"
James:So, you get anywhere with megan last night?
Jamie:Nearly, but i took off her thong and she had a red carpet!it was so gross
James:Aw man,tough girlfriend never has that problem
Jamie:its ok,i dumped her for sarah.she shaves.
by Carlita The Ninja Albanian. January 8, 2008
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When a woman has a moment of pure rage caused by her menstrual cycle.
Angie had a red carpet moment when I left the toilet seat up
by nyjyrk January 17, 2010
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