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A group of quassi-radicals from 70s who roamed Whiting, Indiana and Rush street in Chicago with the two major goals. The decriminalization of Marijuana and the establishment of four day work weeks.
Dude1: Whatever happened to American Youth for a Freer America?

Dude2: Who knows? Maybe they got jobs.
by Joe Iron May 23, 2007
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A nickname used by Ford Automobile Collectors for the 2 door version of Ford Maverick with the optional 302 V8 of the early 70s. One of the quicker cars of the early 70s. The nickname is derived from the similiarly performing but more expensive Maserati Merak. The Merak was produced from 1974-1982.
I just dusted a Trans Am with the Maverak.

by Joe Iron May 21, 2007
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Log Off the Internet Day was started by a group of activists and thinkers in 1999 to make the public aware of the impacting is making on real life communities. Log Off the Internet Day is celebrated on the first Saturday after the start of summer in your hemisphere on which you are supposed to stay off the internet. No email, chat, IMs, gameplaying or surfing. A time to go to a movie, see some friends, ride a bike, be with your family.

I totally celebrated Log Off the Internet Day and went for a bike ride.

My second life wife got mad because I spent some time with my first life wife on Log Off the Internet Day.
by Joe Iron August 18, 2007
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An IBM mainframe operating system. Sort of like a dying language, in use but dying a long slow death.

Also means a dinosaur.

Nothing sadder than an old MVS guy still looking for a gig.

That guy working behind the counter at McDonalds is an old MVS guy.
by Joe Iron January 21, 2008
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The Big W, is a nickname for Whiting, IN. used by the refinery construction workforce that relocated from Texas to work on the expansion of the oil refinery. The construction workers started referring to Whiting as the Big W. The nickname is derived from the nickname of Dallas which is known as the Big D
Let's celebrate the fourth of July in the Big W.

I need some money bad, so I'm going to The Big W to for a few months.
by Joe Iron August 18, 2007
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This definition dating from the jazz age is a major street where all the action is. People would wear their sunday best when going out on the boulevard. Usually, the boulevard had fine restaurants and nightclubs on it.
Let's go out and out on the boulevard.

Life is never as good as it is on the boulevard.
by Joe Iron February 23, 2008
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A nickname for beer that is drunk before you drive.
Give me some travel juice, I got a long drive home.
by Joe Iron July 5, 2007
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