1) Very Important Person.

2) Variation In Production.

Used in electronic music (such as drum and bass or breakbeat) when a producer remixes their own track. A VIP uses major elements of the original version but differentiates the track as a whole.
1) I'm going to be in the VIP area.

2) "Red Mist VIP" by Danny Byrd is sick! It's perhaps even better than the original.
by Laurie57 May 26, 2009
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The act of riding in the back seat of a car when the front passenger seat is available.
Tommy: "Do you want to sit up front?"
Tony C: "No, it's cool. I'm gonna ride VIP."
by Tommy May 18, 2004
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Variation in Production.

This occurs when drum and bass/dubstep (and probably other types of dance music) producers bring out a different version of the same track. The purpose is to surprise the crowd with something different but memorable. Usually only tracks that were originally popular get the VIP treatment.

It is not the same as a remix, which changes the original track quite significantly, sometimes only keeping a few elements of the original song. Quite often remixes are a different genre entirely.

A lot of VIPs are never released commercially, and are instead given solely to DJs to play out.
*DJ begins to mix in a VIP of a known track*

Raver: Ooohhh shiiiiit, VIP!!! bullet bullet selectaaaaaaaaarrrrgggh!!!
by skankmaestro January 25, 2011
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(Pronounced as seperate letters)

A very important person

Here comes our resident VIP.
by Light Joker November 25, 2005
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A huge fan of the korean boy band, Big Bang.
Tom: wow, you're such a VIP
by tissueboxpox May 06, 2011
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Very Important Penis

When one's penis is frankly more important than the others in the club
Jonas: Damn this line is long as shit, I wish I was a VIP
George: I always get in the club, my penis hangs to the floor, I am a VIP
by Bigdicknayderson October 22, 2017
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1) Very Important Person

2) Another way of describing a remix in some electronic dance music such as Breakbeat and Drum and Bass.


1) "VIP seating area"

2) "Planet Music VIP is so much better than the original. Danny Byrd is still on form!"
by LaurieEwen December 10, 2008
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