It is the male version of PMS. When a male is having mood swings and just actting like an ass.
I asked flemroid how was his day and he said "fuck you I dont need this shit right now" then goes to the cabinet and gets some potato chips sits on the couch and watches Oprah. Flem had Menstration so hard he was actting like a middle aged house wife.
by CANINE February 19, 2008
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Anyone who starts spewing menstrual facts but has no idea wtf they are talking about
You ever hear a man talking like he knows periods ? Fucken overrated Menstrator Explainers, please.
by ThornyRose December 23, 2020
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A creature of the green blob family, most closely related to the Ass Goblin . Feasts on the discarded placenta and uteran lining of hot american women between 14 and 50. Lives a fufilled life in alleigence with Dallas rock band Next Day Fight, forever engaged battle with its mortal enemy The YeastMaster .
That Pac-Menstrate bent that bitch right the fuck over. BaBam!
by ryan April 17, 2003
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