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To cut or dis Making fun of someone or yelling insults at them. Used everywhere including New England
I'm mad you rankin' on Ashley cuz she coo
by Hi December 22, 2004
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To make fun of someone, or making fun of, back and forth.

Word used in Miami and all of Florida.
Dawg I think buddy tring to rank my clothes.
by Sean P.L. April 26, 2004
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ranking,rankin',etc. can also mean someone is hiding their affiliations, not representing their Identity when asked , usually by a rival gang when a gang member is in the wrong varrio,hood, or turf.
"eh holmes , where you from, eh?"
"um, nowhere , eh. uh, uh "
"tskchhhh, Chale!, holmes,you're focken RANKING esse."
by i811st August 19, 2009
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walking in to a toilet after someone has done a very smelly shit you would comment(fucking hell thats fucking rank you smelly twat)
by mick nicholson August 6, 2007
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Something/someone poor, gross, ugly, "ew".
The blanket on Roseanne's couch is rank.

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something completely nasty, dirty or gross
Bob: "dude do you smell that? i think its comin from the cafeteria"

Rob: "oh man that shit smells rank"
by Mint1 November 19, 2009
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