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ranking,rankin',etc. can also mean someone is hiding their affiliations, not representing their Identity when asked , usually by a rival gang when a gang member is in the wrong varrio,hood, or turf.
"eh holmes , where you from, eh?"
"um, nowhere , eh. uh, uh "
"tskchhhh, Chale!, holmes,you're focken RANKING esse."
by i811st August 19, 2009
Dramatics created by conflicting theories,between conspiracy theorists, and their followers.
Alex Jones on 'The View' with Charlie Sheen is conspiritainment. David Icke's theory of shape-shifting reptilian entities leading a one-world government is often used in debates between celebrity conspiratainers. Jessie Ventura's show ,"Conspiracy Theory" is pure conspiratainment. Anything put out by the likes of David Wilcock,Ben Fulford,or Sorcha Faal and anyone who alligns themselves with these disinformation agents creates conspiratainment gold. Rifts that divide between subsections within certain conspiracy, for example the 9/11 truth movement provides plenty of conspiratainment; Plane-Huggers vs. No-Planers is conspiratainment .
by i811st December 27, 2011
"Cah'la-day-E'on'tah" is Spanish. meaning literally,"Face of a tire" , or a black person, a "maiete" a "negro" sometimes a hybrid phrase is used like "llanta-face",meaning tire-face. basically it's a durogatory word mostly used by mexicans to express their hatred and jealousy toward a minority.most likely rooted in freudian, phallus envy.
"Ay Casper, look at that cara-de-llanta over there ,talkin' to Flaco's ol' lady we should tell him that his ruca is boning a maiete."
"Reeeelee , she's fuckin' a nigger?","thas crazie ay" ,"flaco's a fool"
by i811st August 19, 2009