Camoflauge patterned and coloured shit.
Popular in the military.
"The army makes you wear camo gear."
"Apply sum 'cam cream' to your face before entering the jungle."
"I was hiding fully 'camo-style' behind some bushes as he walked by."
by Diego August 30, 2003
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40 Oz. High Gravity Lager. One of the highest alcohol % you can get in a 40.

Much stronger than Old E.
After three Camo's, Timmy fell down the face of the Peace Sign (large rock face/mountain in Reading).
by Camo Crew December 4, 2003
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a sexy guy a beast at sport and bangs like a animall
camo is a colour

camo is a beast
by los angelas heat June 14, 2016
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demonvixen's camo pants. they smell like chitlens and are all warn out from being washed to many times. Once alcohol is involved, the pants are removed and she becomes a true nudist.
DemonVixen wears camo pants, if you talk about them you will surely get your ass beat at QuakeCon 2007. FYI - EW?
by CAMO PANTS March 6, 2007
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A mix of shake or keef and resin
It's a broke day. I'm outta nugz, all I've got is camo
by Tashicat420 November 8, 2012
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Where you dont come to school for a few weeks.
Dang He's pullin a Camo again..
by Team. K E Z Z July 22, 2004
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What hardcore kids wear so they wont be scene
Chris: Hey Shane why do hardcore kids wear camo?
Shane: i dunno why?
by 1337chris April 1, 2008
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