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An insult indicating someone refuses to see the truth and would rather "hide their face" than recognize and face the consequences or harsh reality. They choose to ignore the negative aspects or results of something.
Those people who run that company are faceless. They dump toxins wherever they please without regard to who or what lives there just so they can pack away some extra money. The faceless misers.
by AFeazy May 31, 2010
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To be without face.
(1) To have no face to begin with.
(2) To no longer have a face.
(1) I was born faceless....
(2) My friend was just attacked by a zombie. Now he is faceless.
by Xaxle Chronic March 30, 2004
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A wrod describing an online persona/individual that has no form of media identifying the actual person behind the computer.
"This guy who just requested me is faceless."
by TrindMyst September 01, 2007
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Someone who does not have a Facebook.
Jango asks" Can I contact you on Facebook?"
Adrianna answers" No, I don't have one!"
Jango Replies" Your Faceless?"
by 4dr14nn4 August 25, 2010
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not on Facebook yet, a person who isn't a member of the social network website
he's faceless, you'll have to show him the photos on your account
by uktedsmith December 22, 2007
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