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Type : water sport / Summer Activity

( Played 2 ways either Drunk /Professional Level )
MATURE AUDIENCE and PLAYERS who just don't give uh FUCK !.
- No dipping no dunking and especially no diving- When fully submerged Player must manuever about using only legs, torso and neck. First one to pop a specific bubble using the Nose or a more popular method known as "Tongue Punching". ATTENTION !!! Points scored only by single numerals. " The Catch"- Player must try to pop as many (as directed) FART Bubbles as possible.
Two dudes, five chicks, one bathtub. Who's bubble you hoping to pop? Risky business playing "Bite the Bubble"! ( Bite bubbles at your own risk. Accidents, illnesses or tongue infections are for pussies so keep your feelings and tears at home. This shit is played by big boys and smoking hot chicks.
by SirSniffsAlot January 24, 2017
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