a woman (or man, rare) who sits around all day dealing with snotty annoying children feeding them kraftdinner because its cheap
childcare sucks
by meeboca July 28, 2008
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If a woman is doing childcare, she's on maternity leave (especially after the childbirth) and taking care of her newborn babies.
A: What do you do for work ?

B: Well, i used to work as an office worker, but currently i just stay home and do childcare.
by Ross Lingual November 13, 2020
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Non-traditional childcare service that specializes in hourly daycare. No reservations are needed and therefore you can just "drop in" whenever you want. These types of facilities are often open later than traditional childcare centers and are ideal for parent that don't work 9-5 or who just want a few hours for themselves. One example of a drop-in childcare center is www.KidSpa.com
The wife and I took the kids to a drop-in childcare center so we could have a date night!
by BusyDad December 17, 2019
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A womans vag*na or mouth or anus after she has received a fresh load of sperm from a man.
I dropped the kids of at a few childcare centres last night, all without leaving the bedroom.
by pimp_c April 22, 2008
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