A hanger-on is a person often without any friends who follows around popular groups in for example school or at parties/clubs etc. trying to become part of that group.
You're in a group of 6 people, only 5 of them are your friends the other person just follows the group all the time, he's in that case the hanger-on.
by ViagraAddict February 12, 2012
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A person who gets themselves involved with a high-profile individual, usually for the attention from the media.

Often, a hanger-on has little to no talent in a particular area of media; usually only cares about the publicity that comes with being a celebrity. All of this explains why they do what they do. These people are often accused of being "attention whores" or "gold-diggers" and other derogatory terms like the the ones named.

Otherwise known as being "famous for being famous".
Before Kim Kardashian became famous, she was great friends with heiress Paris Hilton. Was she a hanger-on?
by whats_yo_name_pussycat March 04, 2018
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A lethal combination of hunger and anger, the result of waiting so long to eat that your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels, impairing both your mood and your judgment. Particularly manifests itself when you are with a significant other and trying to make decisions about where to eat now that you're both starving.
Don't take your hanger out on me! How should I know where we can find food at 3 am in downtown El Dorado? I told you we should have eaten before we left.
by Leonore April 24, 2008
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Large, pendulous breasts that sag noticeably.
Sally is voluptous and has some nice-looking hangers on her chest.

Your grandmother has big, floppy hangers. She must obtain a more supportive brassiere.
by Anonymous February 14, 2004
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A turd that hangs from your ass while taking a shit
I got a hanger and had to wipe more than usual.
by FinWonga March 11, 2016
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Tittys that are so big and/or lacking the muscletone to not sag, thereby letting the nipples point to magnetic south.
Becky has some nice boobs, but they are hangers.
by Norkaguy January 24, 2009
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to deal off the bottom off the deck for another player in a card game. most commonly poker. A simple and descrete way to cheat. to pull a hanger you must suffle untill you find a card that is high in value and leave it on the bottom of the deck and keep shuffling untill there is two in a row... for example two aces... in the process of dealing you deal normally with your thumb off the top of the deck to all players except your partner in the hoax when arriving on your partners turn to recieve a card you use your index and middle fingers to deal the card off the bottom. this is extremly easy to get away with if executed to prefection....

as seen in the movie rounders...
last night at that cash game i caught two motherfuckers pulling hangers for eachother. we had to whoop their asses
by shock103 May 02, 2008
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