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A hanger-on is a person often without any friends who follows around popular groups in for example school or at parties/clubs etc. trying to become part of that group.
You're in a group of 6 people, only 5 of them are your friends the other person just follows the group all the time, he's in that case the hanger-on.
by ViagraAddict February 12, 2012
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A person who gets themselves involved with a high-profile individual, usually for the attention from the media.

Often, a hanger-on has little to no talent in a particular area of media; usually only cares about the publicity that comes with being a celebrity. All of this explains why they do what they do. These people are often accused of being "attention whores" or "gold-diggers" and other derogatory terms like the the ones named.

Otherwise known as being "famous for being famous".
Before Kim Kardashian became famous, she was great friends with heiress Paris Hilton. Was she a hanger-on?
by whats_yo_name_pussycat May 09, 2018
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A hanger-on is someone who hangs on to a celebrity is either no longer relevant and are in the purgatory or relevance and irrelevance. A hanger on has something to gain by hanging out to the has-been celebrity. A hanger-on is a pejorative meant to belittle and degrade someone who is clasping on to a barely relevant celeb to increase their measly social status and career.
The only people left in Chris Brown's crew are hanger-on types.
by SmokerisnoJoker July 23, 2017
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