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a low class hotel, usually have shared bathroom. usually for young travelers or students. Comes from Medieval Latin hospitale hospice
the YMCA is a good example of a hostel
by jimendress March 11, 2005
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A cheap accommodation for students and other budget travelers. Usually consisting of dorm-style rooms, but you can get private rooms at some. They are more common in Europe, but there are some in North America.
There is a hostel in a castle in Scotland.
by Hysterical Woman August 02, 2010
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A really sick and twisted movie about two college kids that go to Europe looking for a good time using legal drugs and having sex with loose women, but unfortunately they find themselves in a house of pure macabre and torture. They are tortured so badly that death would be sweet release.
guy 1: yo dude you wanna go see that new movie hostel?
guy 2: hell no
guy 1: why not?
guy 2: because that movie puts rape and torture on a pedastal and glorifies it.
guy 1: aw cmon man its just a horror movie
guy 2: no it's not my friend, a horror movie uses blood and gore to aid the plot or enhance it, in this movie blood and gore is the plot. this is nothing more than a snuff film.
guy 1: whatever man see ya.
by caffeine21 January 06, 2006
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Relating to the film: Hostel is a 2006 thriller film directed by Eli Roth and produced/presented by Quentin Tarantino.

The film follows three backpackers traveling Europe in search of good time (read: sex and drugs). They are told of a hostel in Slovakia where the women are extremely available, especially to Americans. They have an odd encounter with a Dutch Businessman on the train there, and arrive getting truly what they expected.

However, the Eastern-European community begins to show its dark side as a background of the place and a certain connection with a local business there begins to rear its ugly head.

The travelers are lured in by women and drugs and launched into an unimaginable nightmare as they become the victims of an underground Russian-Mafia-ran business called Elite Hunting, where jaded wealthy people can pay to torture and kill people who have been taken hostage, much like how prostitution works.

Due to the graphic nature of the film, it has been considered, over the years, "torture porn", or at least a major icon in that sub-genre. Many fans of the film counter this idea however.

By intentions of the director, Hostel is an extremely dark social satire, which comments on the issues of the price of life, the moral limits of commercial enterprise, the dark inevitable side of huamn nature, a culture that thrives on violence, the occuasional ignorance of American culture for seeing other nations as uncivilized and compares the profession of prostitution to a profession of torture (Elite Hunting).

The film is controversial for many reasons. It's extremely violent nature which has gotten it its label of "torture porn", the misrepresentation of Slovakians, the controversy over whether or not the story is inspired by true events (as it was billed). Many Slovakians in government and in their public were extremely offended by the film, seeing it as a ridiculous portrayal as a poverty-stricken and violent Mafia-ran country.

Many critics are divided on their thoughts on Hostel, but reaction its 2007 sequel Hostel: Part II were generally negative, as it was also a box office bomb.
1: I liked Hostel, not so much for the gore, but for its social satire, the gore I can take or leave
2: You DARE like a movie that's unpopular amongst the general population? That makes you a TORTURE PORN-LOVER!! BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!!!
1: I didn't say that.
2: Burn him!!!!
1: I mean, it's like it was a real snuff torture film or anything, it WAS just a movie, and the people who made weren't necessarily sick, they'd actual appeal as down-to-earth people if met in rwal life--
2: He's using logic and obviousness! BURN HIM!!
1: Can't we just agree that I liked the movie for that one aspect, and you didn't--
*angry mob lead by 2 goes after 1*
by NoFadsThen June 11, 2009
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The place in Europe where your girlfriend stayed while on that college backpacking trip and slept with a bunch of dirty uncircumcised European men who promised to call her and told her they'd come to America to visit her so they could get in her panties.
"I don't think you really want to touch her, she stayed in a hostel over the summer"
by awwwcharles August 25, 2009
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A piece of shit movie disguised as "horror" its nothing but a poorly made wannabe phony "snuff film" but morons everywhere seemed to like it as it has made a large amount of money... showing the ignorant state of the nation and world...
"that movie Hostel was a real piece of shit... i can't believe i wasted $8 just to see alot of phony gore! Die Eli Roth Die! (but give me back my $8 first!"
by Eli Roth Sux! January 10, 2006
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