Period of time after the 40's ang before the 60's. Known for Malt Shop Music, and great cars.
That 50's car is amazing with those high fins and crome everywhere, they don't make them like that anymore.

Elvis is one of the best known 50's Malt Shop singers.
by Shadow111a June 25, 2007
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marijuana and tobacco mixed half and half and smoked to absorb nicotine and tetrahydrocannabinol into the body through the lungs, usually smoked through a water pipe/hookah/bong/etc so it is not as harsh.
lets get some cigarettes and some pot for some 50's
by Rusty Shackleford420 April 23, 2021
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Occurs when a fella has feelings for a lady. To show his affection, he fills up a milk bottle with his own semen and smashes it across her face.
Did you hear George proposed to Sandy by giving her a 50's milkman? They say she looked especially radiant with all the blood, tears, and semen on her face.
by Foetusincome November 9, 2011
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When you have a quantity of money that would've made you considered rich in the 1950's. It usually shows that you have money to do some things but not enough to do extravagant things.
1: "Dude, you're 50's rich. Let's go get pancakes at IHOP."

2: "I can't go to the concert, I'm only 50's rich. Those tickets cost $700."
by HaileyandJacobBlack August 5, 2009
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When someone takes a chicken and shoves it up your uterus while taking a shit
My girl was talking crap on how I was scared so I took her to the 50's era
by Penisd April 27, 2014
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A wholesome-looking black and white clip art character that has been used in recent years to humorously promote drugs, violence, and alcohol.

By this point in time, he's a seedy cliché seen on out-of-style book covers, posters, and T-shirts. It's not funny anymore, guys. It doesn't make you trendy or ironic, and you're not sticking it to anything.

It just makes you look like an idiot who gets off on beating dead horses.
50's Man has now gone out of style twice. He is so 2003.
by Lady Chevalier July 30, 2005
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Big Ass Titties.
A phrase to say when you see a chick with huge knockers.
Alex: Ohh damn son, look at that girl! 10's and 50's, BIG ASS TITTIES!

Nunzio: I Love Boobies!
by BIG YETI DICK December 20, 2006
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