Jarod is a guy that you can fall in love with almost instantly. He is super funny and always making people laugh with his lame jokes or silly stories. Sometimes, you aren't looking for a laugh, well Jarod is the type of guy that can make you feel like the most important person in the world, or he can be your shoulder to cry on. No matter what the situation or the problem, he is there to help. Jarod is absolutely perfect, in every way. He puts himself down a bit, like when he says he sucks at image editing, but we all know he rocks at it. He is great at everything he does, and he is going to go on in life the be the most successful person you know. Sure he could call or text more, but he is too busy sharing his amazingness with the world...
Jacob: You really like him, don't you Tori?
Tori: Of course, I love Jarod with every bit of my being!
by ToriWhat April 7, 2012
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The hottest, sweetest, silliest guy in the world. Often times originating from Alaska, with the cutest smile and laugh ever. Would make any girl feel like the luckiest in the world. For sure the most handsome usually attracts Californians
I want to marry me a Jarod- for sure.
by cougarcougar March 9, 2011
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Jarod yelled at that girl and told her she had a fat ass
by YoungThugSmokey March 14, 2017
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Jarod is the most awesome person every and he will be reallu strong one day he may now look like it right now be he will be soon. He isn't the smoothest player ever he always get made fun of for not having girlfriend but when he does get a girlfriend they together forever and the girl he will date will be some god damn fucking sexy that you cum the second you see her. He also the one out of all your friends that be one to become a superhero named Nightwing.
"Man Jarod is fucking awesome."
"Jarod's girlfriend is so fucking hot."
by Bobby Hudson October 11, 2017
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Jarod is a world-class anus tickler who storms around the country in a tornado like movement tickling everybody's anus that he crosses paths with.

Sometimes, he likes to dress up in turtle-kneck sweaters and use spatulas to tap against windows of buses.

But most importantly, Jarod is a world-class pimp that always gets da laddiieezzz
Random guy: Owch did you just slap my butt?
Other Random guy: Lol nope, that must've been Jarod
by Mickeymouse12345678987456321 August 21, 2012
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Jarod is so hot and has 75 unches and also is mop moppy mopp 67655776456 he's a British britanny and he loves wo men also like and subscrribr to the
Jarod is a gay homosapien
by Shnozzlord April 8, 2022
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