52 is a sexual number, much like 69, 89, and 818. 52 refers to sexual intercourse in which both parties are facing one-and-other; think of it as if the 5 and the 2 are humping each-other. There are also other numbers like 52, such as 22 (Anal sex), 62 (One-way oral sex), and 818 (Double titty fucking).
Fred: Hey! Guess what Tashira and I did last night?
Mike: What?
Fred: 52.
Mike: Nice.
Fred: It was so fucking hot! I came like three times!
by JustAnotherSickFuckOnUrbanDic December 12, 2021
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This is an oral sex position to please the woman. To get into position the husband will lay down on his back on the bed. He then needs to let his head hang just off the edge. The woman then walks up to the bed and straddles her husband’s face. He pleasures her orally while she stands.
Steph was great last night, he gave me a 52!
by adais January 21, 2010
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It means heart, aka love. 52 is the shape of a heart ...
I 52 you April.
I 52 this x'mas.
by Cloud December 25, 2004
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a sexual position the man is sitting down, the 5, and the woman is giving him a blow, the two. duh
oh wow i did not enjoy 52 last night i wish we could have done 69 instead.
by shosho February 8, 2007
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A Hoova Crip set. It's named after 52 street. I aint sayin no more cuzz you niggas is fake fo puttin knowledge on here.
by Blue April 18, 2005
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when a man gets whacked off by a girl (5 fingers) while he is fingering a girl (2 fingers.
1. yesterday i got a 52!

2. i got 52'd the other day
by pedi52 July 11, 2008
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An unarmed fighting system developed and practiced by negroes living in New York and/or various penal institutions.
"Allah don't like ugly so I held back from bustin him
I passed the burn off, he caught me from the blind side
Tapped a nigga jaw, I shot my fifty-two style, and crazy raw..."
by Fred Harring June 10, 2004
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